Suspicions are confirmed. The new 2021 MacBook Pro with M1 Max is faster than the 2019 Mac Pro

M1 Max

When Apple debuted the new MacBook Pros with the new chips and processors, there was a good feeling. But of course, as the days have gone by, it is proving that the speed and performance of the chips are unmatched. Right now, new studies have proven that proRes video exports show that the high-end 2021 MacBook Pro is three times faster than the Mac Pro 2019.

The study has shown that to reach the highest step of ProRes performance In Mac Pro 2019, the 28-core Intel Xeon W CPU paired with the Afterburner card is required to speed up playback and decoding. Logically and as you are thinking right now, the price of these components is something that far exceeds the MacBook Pro 2021.

Speaking of the king of Roma, this laptop with the new M1 Max, includes two ProRes encoders and decoders each, far surpassing the unique decoder found on the MacPro’s Afterburner card. Therein lies the trick and the crux of the matter. But not only in that decoding has it outperformed the top model of 2019. It also greatly improves the performance of multi-stream 8K content playback.

The benchmark shows the time required to export a five minute ProRes Raw video clip to ProRes 422 HQ:

  • Mac Pro 2019: 233 seconds
  • Mac Pro 2019 with Afterburner card: 153 seconds
  • MacBook Pro 2021 with M1 Max chip: 76 seconds

You already know that ProRes is used in professional video cameras and that now, it is even an option in the iPhone 13 Pro. So having the MacBook Pro with M1 Max as a couple is not at all unreasonable for those who dedicate themselves to these tasks. Or even for those of us who are not dedicated, it is also something attractive

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