Switch between light and dark Windows theme with one mouse click

As a general rule, we have the ability to greatly customize the screen brightness we use. It is not recommended that we have this shine to the maximum since it can damage our eyes over the years. But at the same time it is not advisable to strain our eyes for many hours at a time while working with the PC. Thus, what we do is take certain precautionary measures such as resting our eyes from time to time or using the dark mode that we have mentioned before.

In fact a software of the importance of Windows 10 is already supported natively. This is something you already included in your own Microsoft a few versions ago on your operating system. Therefore, to enjoy this we only have to modify the corresponding parameter, as we will see below.

Turn on dark theme natively in Windows 10

For this that we tell you, the first thing we have to do is access the configuration application of the Redmond operating system. We can achieve it quickly through the Win + I key combination so that this section appears on the screen. This will give way to a new window in which we click on the option Personalization.

Once here, in the left panel of the window that we see, we will have to go to Colors, where we click. It will be then when we see what really interests us in this case. If we take a look at the right pane of the window, we have a drop-down list that says Choose the color.

Choose the color

Here we find the three themes from which we can choose to change the appearance of Windows 10. Specifically, these are the light, dark and custom theme. Of course, we only have to choose the topic that interests us the most in each case. Say that if we opt for the third one, the custom one, we can tell Windows 10 that we want to use a theme for the system and another for the applications.

In this way and without having to restart the computer, we will see how the windows interface changes radically. If we activate the dark, the operating system in general will be seen with a much darker tonality in most of its sections. All this will serve to take care of our eyesight and also to give a much more elegant appearance to the system.

Programs to go from light theme to dark theme

However, as we have seen first-hand, the process is somewhat cumbersome, especially if we are going to change it often. That is why we are going to tell you that we have the possibility of using third-party applications for these tasks. Mainly what we are going to achieve with them is to be able to make this change in a faster but just as effective way. In this way, below we are going to offer you some interesting alternatives in this regard that will surely be of great use to you.


The use of the dark theme in Windows 10 for many is especially useful in the case that they use the PC in low light environments. A clear example of all this is if, for example, we work at night. It will be then when it is more interesting to activate this dark theme of the operating system. However when the day comes we will have to make the change again, which can be a bit boring.

In this way thanks to Nightlight, we will have the possibility to avoid having to search the Windows Settings the corresponding option as we saw previously. in this case if we use this program we will switch between themes quickly and efficiently. The main reason for all this is that this application is located in an icon in the system tray.


Thus we will have access to it at all times with a couple of mouse clicks. For all this we only have to download this software from the following link. Once we have installed it in Windows and the icon appears, just click with the left button of the mouse to change the system theme.


On the other hand we find Luna, another interesting application that allows us to change from light to dark and diverse theme quickly and easily. At the same time, they offer us a series of very interesting parameters that will allow us to customize this process that we are talking about. It is actually a open source app and totally free that we can download and install on our Windows system.


Once we put the application into operation, a window appears where we activate Enable automatic theme changer. With this we access the configuration section of the application. The interesting thing about this proposal is that it allows us both to select and to program the schedule for each topic. As you can imagine, this allows us to completely ignore the Topic changeas it will be done alone. Say that this is a free application that you can try from here.

Additionally, it is also worth noting that the program allows us to customize what the selected theme will be applied to. In this way we can choose between the system, the applications or the wallpaper.

Easy Dark Mode

As we have seen in the previous case, in addition to being able to change the theme in Windows in a simple way, some third-party programs offer us Additional functions. However, in the event that we seek simplicity and speed for this proposal that we are talking about now, Easy Dark Mode, it will be perfect. Specifically, we are faced with a simple and useful software that allows you to switch between the light and dark themes of Windows with a single mouse click.

Easy Dark Mode

In fact, it does not need installation and when it is running it is added as an icon that is placed on the operating system on the taskbar. In this way we will always have it in view to click on it and change the theme of the system. To download this free program we can do it from here.

Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode

On the other hand we find Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode, another simple third-party application that will help us for this that we discussed. This is another free and open source application that allows us to both change and program the dark mode in Windows 10. As you can imagine, this allows us to alternate the two themes at the times that interest us the most.

Windows 10 Auto Dark Mode

It also allows you to change the mode depending on the time of the day from our location. Therefore, as night falls, the dark theme will be activated and vice versa. In case you want to try it first hand, we just have to download it from this link. It is also worth mentioning that this program allows us to customize the sections that the change of topic will affect. That is, if we want it to apply to a certain application or to the entire system completely.

The best alternative to switch between light and dark theme

As you have seen, the programs that we have talked about make it much easier for us to change the theme between light and dark in Windows. To a large extent, what these programs offer us is to streamline the process so that we can carry it out more quickly. However, if we have to highlight one of them without a doubt it is the program called Luna. The main reason for this is that in addition to streamlining this interface change process, it also offers us other interesting additional options.

In addition to being able to specify the elements to which we want to apply the theme change, we have the possibility of programming it in a personalized way. This allows us to completely ignore the process since the change of theme between light and dark will be carried out automatically.

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