Switch cases that transmit all the magic of Nintendo

Nintendo is one of the companies that have been giving us joy for the longest time when it comes to video games. Not only was it with us in the early days of laptops in the early 80s with the glorious Game & Watch, but later was in charge of commanding the revolution of 8-bit consoles in the middle of that same decade. And many of those sagas that were born then have reached the Switch intact… and its covers.

Protect your Nintendo Switch

Indeed, a console like the hybrid of the Japanese needs us to protect it all the time because of the screen with which we can play anywhere, It is not a good idea to take it outdoors. That is why practically all the users who have it choose to get, sooner or later, a protective cover, so taking advantage of the fact that the Pisuerga passes through Valladolid, they are already looking for it for some particularly beautiful reason.

Nintendo Switch Mario case.

That is why we have decided to choose several case models for Nintendo Switch that are inspired by sagas created by Nintendo itself, in case you are a fan of those names that have made a career in the world of video games. Starting with Mario himself, continuing with Zelda and ending with Animal Crossing which, by the work and grace of the Japanese, have been transformed into a money-making machine for almost four decades.

Come on, here are the covers that we have selected for you. Aren’t they all worthy of the glory of Nintendo?

Super Mario Power A Case

This case is compatible with all Nintendo Switch models, both the original from 2017 (and its 2019 revision) as well as the OLED or Lite. In addition, we will have a compartment where it will be possible to carry up to ten cartridges at the same time and a separate space with a zipper where it is possible to add a cable, the occasional Joy-Con and a cleaning cloth. So it comes complete.

Animal Crossing Carrying Case Cover

This case is very similar to the previous one only that has as motifs some recognizable elements of the great Animal Crossing, although it brings a more than interesting extra: a package of added protection that consists of a casing for the console and some stickers that we can stick where we like. Without a doubt, it is a product only for fans of the famous Nintendo Switch title.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Nintendo Switch Case

Third cover that gets fully into the legend of the last Zelda appeared for Switch, with permission from Tears of the Kingdom which will land in stores in May. It has a compartment for ten cartridges, space to store cables, one or two Joy-Con –and whatever we want– and on top of that it is waterproof, so we can get it wet without fear of the console getting stuck. So it is a good option to take it with us to the pool or the sea in summer.

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