Switch: Nintendo warns buyers against a fake resale site

Nintendo has just published an official press release in which it warns buyers against a fraudulent resale site. This platform, which uses the logo and image of the manufacturer without its knowledge, claims to sell Nintendo Switch at a knockdown price.

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As you may know, Nintendo has not escaped the shortage of semiconductors that has plagued the entire video game industry for the past two years. After the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, the Nintendo Switch has recently fallen victim to this situation.

Recently, Nintendo confirmed that it will be very difficult to find a Nintendo Switch in 2022, not to mention the Nintendo Switch OLED, which has not been found since its launch in October 2021. As clarified by Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa, the shortage of semiconductors will seriously hamper the production capacities of the Japanese company. Moreover, the Japanese firm has revised downwards its sales target of 25 to 24 million consoles sold by March 2022, date of the end of the fiscal year.

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Nintendo warns buyers against fake resale site

And like every product that is in high demand and available in limited quantities, it does not take long before you see scams flourish on the web. This is precisely what Nintendo denounces in an official press release. Indeed, the manufacturer warns buyers against a fake website that exploits the logo and image of the company without authorization.

Better still, the platform in question claims to be a partner of BigN, which explains why it is able to sell Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED at a knockdown price. Of course, all this is totally false as confirmed by Nintendo.We recently confirmed the existence of a fake website impersonating Nintendo’s site. These fake websites have nothing to do with our business,” provides the company.

Furthermore, the manufacturer specifies that buyers take risks buying products from this site. “If you purchase products from this bogus website, you may be vulnerable to fraud, including the fraudulent acquisition of your personal information.” warns the Japanese company. As a reminder, the Switch has recently exceeded the bar of 100 million machines sold. Faced with such success, Nintendo has no valid reason to sell off its console, and this also applies to official retailers. A status that this site does not enjoy, who simply seeks to take advantage of the high demand to scam players.


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