Switch to in-ear gaming headsets with these three exciting options

As an economic solution we have the Ozone Heat X30, good quality and quite comfortable in-ear headphones that integrate a microphone. If you want something without cables, we have the Black Shark Wireless Earbuds which work through Bluetooth 5.2. For those who want a high-quality solution, we have the ASUS RoG Cetra II that has lighting and active noise cancellation.

Ozone Heat X30

A powerful and gigantic headset is not necessary to enjoy our favorite games. These Ozone Heat X30, for example, are a simple and economical solution, very comfortable. Plus, it has some pretty cool features that are a bit of a copy of those big headband-type headphones.

These headphones have 6mm drivers that offer us a range of frequency between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. They are also characterized by having a in-ear design that offers us great insulation from the outside. So we won’t have annoying happening around us while we play or while we listen to music on the street.

The interesting thing about these headphones is that they have two microphones. The first is iintegrated in controller of the cable that allows you to take calls and that has a -42dB sensitivity. In addition, it has a second removable microphone and adjustable that connects to the left earphone and offers a -38dB sensitivity.

They are not bad at all, for the price they have, little to envy cheap headband headphones that are usually quite uncomfortable.


Black Shark Wireless Earbuds

There are many users who have started to banish the cables from the setup, to have a cleaner table. This also provides quite a bit of flexibility in use. So we wanted to look for wireless headphones that can offer good sound quality.

These Black Shark are a more than interesting option, with quite good features. They offer us some 10mm drivers of fairly good quality with a range of frequencies between 20 Hz and 20 kHz, which is the typical range. In addition, they have an ergonomic design with cushions of various thicknesses for greater comfort.

Black Shark Wireless Earbuds

They integrate four microphones, two in each headset to capture everything we say during the game. It also has LED indicators on the earphones and green light effect on the case. They offer us a continuous load of up to 3.5 hours and the case allows autonomy of up to 35 hours. It is loaded by port

Something interesting is that it is compatible with Windows, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch, using Bluetooth 5.2 technology, which is low energy.


There are also high-end solutions for those more demanding users who want something more. This solution from the prestigious Republic of Gamers brand is an example of this. They are a solution that brings all the characteristics of headband gaming headphones to the in-ear segment.

The ASUS ROG Cetra II they have d9.4mm rivers and neodymium magnets for excellent sound quality. In addition, they offer a frequency range expanded from the 20Hz to 40kHz, which is past. But it is that, in addition, it offers us the possibility of having virtual sound 7.1, in order to have a better perception of where our rivals are. They also have active noise cancellation technology.


With respect to microphone, this is type omnidirectional with a -40dB sensitivity and with a range of frequencies between 50 Hz and 10 kHz. Do these headphones have LED lighting, but with fixed color, it does not have RGB. It has a controller to answer calls and turn the volume up and down, and a travel case, as well as several different sets of ear tips.

They are a high-end solution that is based on the USB-C connector, it does not have a jack connector as usual. So if your laptop or smartphone doesn’t have this type of port, there is no compatibility.

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