Switch to monitors with 4K resolution for less than 300 Euros

Although Black Friday is over, we can always find interesting offers on the market. If you’re looking for a new monitor and you want it to have 4K resolution, we’ve rounded up some interesting options at deep discounts. take advantage of these 4K monitor deals and enjoy your favorite games like never before, now with up to 17% discount.

The big problem with monitors with a resolution of 3860×2160 pixels is the price. If you want a large monitor with a high refresh rate, you must dig deep into your pocket. The most adjusted price solutions reduce, mainly, the refresh rate. We wanted to find solutions for gaming with 4K resolution and there are few “affordable” options.


We can find a huge number of solutions in the monitor market on the market. Within this market, more and more, we see little-known brands that offer interesting solutions at a reasonable price. YEYIAN is a little-known brand, but it has caught our attention due to the positive reviews it has.

This monitor is characterized by offering a 32 inch panel plane which is of IPS-type. Something interesting about this monitor is that it offers us a coverage of 99% sRGB color, which is excellent. In addition, this monitor offers us a brightness up to 350 nits, which is quite superior to other similar solutions.

Does this monitor have support for the technologies AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync. What this allows is to adjust the refresh rate of the monitor with the amount of FPS offered by the graphics card. This eliminates problems such as ghosting and other problems that reduce image quality.

Something also interesting about this monitor is the connectivity, with a DisplayPort, two HDMI, a port USB and an audio jack. As negative aspects, this monitor only offers a refresh rate up to 60 Hz and a response time of 4ms.



The brand currently offers a huge catalog with all kinds of products, covering all the needs and tastes of users. Above all, the RoG range stands out, of high-end products with superior quality and TUF Gaming, which are solutions that seek a great balance between quality and prices.

within range ASUS TUFF We have come across this gaming monitor that is on sale. This monitor is characterized by being 28 inchesmake use of a IPS-panel and have one 4K resolution. It is positioned as a feature-adjusted monitor with a price below other solutions on the market.

This monitor is compatible with the technology HDR10, that seeks to offer great color accuracy. It offers us this monitor with a DCI-P3 coverage of 90%, which guarantees us vivid colors and high quality. It is complemented by Shadow Boost technology, to add clarity to the darkest areas, an aspect in which IPS panels are quite weak.

Regarding connectivity, this monitor has a DisplayPort 1.2, two HDMI 2.0 and a headphone jack. It also integrates support for technology AMD FreeSync and it is NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible. This allows you to adjust the refresh rate for sharp images without ghosting and other image quality issues.

The downside of this monitor lies in the refresh ratewhich stays in the 75hz. The response time is not very good either, being 5 ms.


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