Syncwire makes it easy for you to choose MFi certified cables and accessories

One of the problems that we find when buying a cable or a charger for our Mac, iPhone or iPad is that it is fully compatible and certified by the manufacturer. This It is important both to pass data and to be able to safely charge our devices.

In this case Syncwire firm offers Apple users a series of cables and accessories for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the rest of Apple devices with MFi certification (Made For iPhone) so they guarantee perfect operation and security.

Now that the holidays are coming and we do not know that giving can be interesting for many of you, so today we are going to see a series of products that can perfectly fit as one more holiday gift, plus a really useful gift. There are different accessories that we have on the table of I’m from Mac today, but in Syncwire they have many more that you can see and buy directly from their official website. Of course they also have a store on Amazon.

On the other hand, it is important to note that thanks to this collaboration with Syncwire, soy de Mac users will enjoy discount codes for their purchases. These discount codes range from 15 to 30% in some of the products that we will see below.

Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter

Syncwire 3.5 jack cable

This is one of the cables that we use the most for those users who have a “hobby” of using wired headphones. In this sense Syncwire has a certified and really quality accessory for us such as the Syncwire Lightning cable to 3.5mm jack.

In this case, for all those who want to buy this accessory, the firm offers us a discount of 30% of its price, going down from 19.99 to 13.99 euros using the discount code TCWL5UM7 at the time of payment.

We can buy the white or black color for this 3.5mm jack adapter and as with most Syncwire products the cable is lined with abrasion and twist resistant nylon. These types of cables have a true resistance to the passage of time.

2m long USB A to USB C cables

Syncwire USB A cable

In this firm we find all kinds of accessories and if you want to charge your Mac with a long USB C cable you can do it directly with this set of two USB A to USB C cables that Syncwire offers us and that the pair with the code will be for 13.29 euros TC61730OFF.

In this case it is more normal cables that we can easily find in the market, but the quality of finishes of this brand is undoubtedly a point to take into account. We can really see how the finishes of these cables are on the Amazon website. It is undoubtedly a functional product and with a length of 2 meters it offers truly versatile charging options.

In this case, the color of the charging cable is black and we do not have the option to buy white. You just have to look at the robustness of the connector itself to realize that we are facing a well manufactured cable with high quality finishes.

USB C to Lightning to charge iPhone

Syncwire USB C cable

As you can see on the Syncwire website you will find a good handful of accessories, cables and more. Another one that interests us a lot is the cable with USB C connection to Lightning port about 2 meters long. In this case, the cable is available in black and white. In addition to having the option of not choosing the long cable, they have one of approximately one meter.

The discount code for this cable is CL55830OFF and we can choose between the two colors they offer. The finishes on this cable are also high quality with braided nylon to offer really good resistance and ports with resistant finishes and reliable when connecting. Its discounted price is 13.99 euros.

Waterproof bag for iPhone with IP68 certification

Syncwire bag IP68

This is one of the accessories that surely many of you can ask for this Christmas as a gift and it can be really useful in many situations. Having the iPhone in a backpack can protect it from shocks or even water, but when that backpack has to withstand a lot of water it could be that our smartphone gets wet. In this case with this accessory what we get is total protection against water, dust and dirt.

It is a bag somewhat larger than the typical bags in which we put the phone and so we can carry our AirPods, iPhone, passport and something else. In this sense, we can say that it is more of a fanny pack to carry the iPhone, the cable and other well-protected accessories. Add a strap to carry everything around the waist or simply store it in a bag.

Inside the box of this Syncwire bag add two units. The price without discount is 16.99 euros but we can apply the code PC62915OFF in the purchase and save 15% of the price. In this case, its closure is made up of three seal parts and a folding velcro on top offering total resistance to possible entry of water, sand or dirt in general. This is one of those ideal products to take to the beach, mountains or simply on a trip to keep documents and our iPhone safe.

The closures of this bag are really hermetic apparently very safe, this can be checked at the time of opening. It is a protection product so you have to check that everything is properly closed before using them.

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