Syneto presents the new HYPER Edge G2, we see its keys

The data has become one of the most important assets within the professional sector. Keeping them safe and protected is one of the central pillars on which any data-centric infrastructure must be built, a reality that Syneto knows perfectly well, and for which it has once again bet with HYPER Edge G2.

Syneto’s HYPER Edge G2 is a device that incorporates top-level security features to protect our company’s data. Among these functions we can highlight the immutable restore points, persistent authentication, and storage air gap, all accompanied by SynetoOS5 technology. It also offers the possibility of accessing an optional connection to Syneto Cloud Gate, which will strengthen data protection through the data replication in the cloud

Dan Vatca, CTO of Syneto, commented:

“Safety has always been our priority. With HYPER Edge G2 we have integrated advanced security measures that make the product impenetrable.”

To address latency-related issues, HYPER Edge G2 uses incremental data replication, which contributes to achieve fast data transfer from the edge to the central data center or cloud. This launch opens up new opportunities in verticals such as healthcare or industry.

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In the event of a cyberattack, Syneto says that thanks to the HYPER Edge G2 it would be possible to be active again in an approximate time of only 15 minutes.

Davide Ravasi, Syneto Country Manager Italy, said:

“After the success of HYPER Edge, The smallest “in a box” data center on the market, a revolution for corporate IT, we are now ready to introduce its successor, based on the same concept, but integrating superior performance and reliability. We are proud to continue developing solutions that help companies in the field of cybersecurity.”

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