Synology already has final version of DSM 7.0 and introduces Synology C2

A few weeks ago we published a complete article where we talked about the new DSM 7.0 operating system, all the news that this new operating system incorporated for Synology NAS servers, and also the new limitations that it brings to withdraw support for certain options that many users used. DSM 7.0 greatly improves security, system manageability, and also enables great configurability when sharing data from Synology NAS and SANs. The highlight of Synology’s announcement today is its public cloud called Synology C2, because it incorporates a host of services.

What’s new in Synology C2, Synology’s public cloud

Synology’s development team has launched both hybrid and cloud applications, including a new password manager, Directory as a Service (DaaS), a cloud backup system, and also new secure file sharing solutions. via Internet. Manufacturer Synology has unveiled a host of unique features for its C2 public cloud, and others that perfectly complement NAS servers.

A very important novelty is Synology Active Insight, a monitoring and diagnostic system for Synology NAS servers that works on a large scale, we can register a large number of NAS servers and monitor their internal status, and all this from a fast, intuitive and really complete control panel. This control panel can be accessed directly via the web with a web browser, we will be able to see all the services of the different NAS servers, the CPU and RAM load, the status of the network, the storage and any other important notice of the different equipment, as if they have an excess of temperature.

Synology has designed a totally free app for iOS and Android smartphones that will allow us to manage all ActiveInsight notices, in this way, we can see the status of our equipment from anywhere.

Another important novelty is Synology Hybrid ShareThis new software combines the flexibility of C2 storage with the capabilities of synchronization with local solutions, this will allow us to continue accessing shared files and folders, even if we have the NAS server turned off. In order to use this functionality, it is necessary to log into Synology C2 with a Synology account and configure in the shared folders section the possibility of hybrid mounting, in addition, all data will be encrypted to protect our privacy.

Synology C2 Password It is the password manager of the manufacturer Synology in the cloud, we can generate passwords and store credentials to later use them, in addition, it will also allow you to configure one-time OTP passwords and organize all the keys by categories. A very interesting feature is that it will allow us to synchronize access to this key manager from all devices.

Another very interesting feature is that we will have a secure file transfer system, where we can limit the expiration date, limit downloads and even add a watermark. Closely related to security and passwords, we find Synology’s “Secure SignIn”, now we can authenticate to the NAS server easily and quickly with 2FA (two-factor authentication) to increase security.

By last, Synology C2 Backup is Synology’s cloud solution that will allow you to make backup copies with the best confidentiality, making use of AES-256 and RSA-4096 as cryptographic algorithms used, we can carry out complete protection for Windows desktop operating systems and also Windows Server in all its versions. Data encryption is end-to-end, so all our data will be safe. This service is paid, worth € 30 per year for 300GB of storage, although we also have an offer of € 100 per year for having 2TB of capacity. In the case that you are a company, the price is € 500 per year for 5TB of storage, and we can add additional capacity in 1TB sections for € 100 more per year.

Finally, Synology has wanted to focus a lot on Synology Photos, the alternative to Google Photos that from now on is paid and takes up space in our Google account. The new Synology Photos combines the functionalities of Photo Station and Synology Moments to be a great alternative to Google Photos, in addition, the software is really complete to organize photos in albums, allows you to set filters through AI to recognize people and places and much more.

DSM 7.0 will be available from June 29 for all supported NAS, and the new Synology C2 solutions will be available from July 13.

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