Synology presents its video surveillance cameras with AI

It’s official, Synology has announced the launch of its first cameras for video surveillance with artificial intelligence integrated. We have two new models, the BC500 and TC500, both are prepared to work with the Surveillance Station platform and to offer a good level of features.

Synology’s BC500 and TC500 have a high-quality construction that makes them resistant to bad weatherthey have advanced artificial intelligence functions, offer high image quality and, as we have said, they integrate perfectly with Surveillance Station.

At the specification level, both have 5-megapixel sensors, which means that they are capable of recording at a resolution of 2,880 x 1,620 and 30 frames per second (FPS), and have a 110° horizontal viewing angle, which means they have a wide coverage area. Their resistance to dust and water is assured, since they have IP67 certification.

Both chambers also have a night vision range of up to 30 meters and multiple exposure HDR. If we put their specifications together, it is clear that they are prepared to work both indoors and outdoors, day or night.

Regarding its artificial intelligence functions, these new Synology cameras have detection of people, vehicles and intrusionsoffer the instant search functionwhich enables users to more quickly and reliably identify potential threats, quickly investigate areas of interest, and track and retrieve relevant recordings, while ensuring privacy.

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BC500 and TC500 cameras they are very easy to integrate and configure, as the entire camera setup process and network settings can be managed directly in the Synology NAS-hosted environment. In addition, they do not require the purchase or activation of Surveillance Station device licenses.

We know that the Synology BC500 camera It is now available, and that the TC500 model will be available soon. Both come with a 3-year warranty, but we don’t yet have details on the recommended retail price.

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