Table microphone or headset microphone, which is better for gaming?

Next we are going to assess some aspects in terms of usability, versatility and comfort, without going to evaluate or compare features techniques Because at the end of the day there are countless models of microphone both tabletop and integrated into the headphones and their characteristics can differ as much as the number of models available.

Table microphone vs integrated, do they really have more audio quality?

Although we do not want to go into evaluating technical characteristics, there is something that we must mention and that is that table microphones, being significantly larger than any integrated in headphones, can accommodate much larger components capable of Capture sound with greater precision. Without detracting from the microphones integrated in the headphones, since many of them have little or nothing to envy table microphones, in general these types of microphones tend to have a higher quality simply because they can accommodate condensers and larger membranes, and even a larger number of capacitors or to integrate a pop filter in the same device internally.

In general, therefore, a tabletop microphone has more quality and technology than one integrated in headphones, although it is true that some integrated microphone models have better quality than other independent microphones since, as always, it depends on the quality and range of each device; for example, the microphone in the Corsair Virtuoso SE headphones is several whole points superior in terms of quality to any mid-range tabletop microphone.

Therefore, the conclusion of this section is that as a general rule a tabletop microphone delivers better quality than an integrated one, and this is something that if used for gaming can result in a better experience (at least for the interlocutors we have because it would give us a little the same), although obviously there are exceptions.

In versatility, a tabletop mic can’t beat an integrated one

Virtuoso XT

It is in terms of versatility where a microphone integrated in the headphones beats a table microphone by far:

  • The microphone of the headphones is always at the same distance from the mouth and in the same position, so it captures the sound more homogeneously.
  • The built-in microphone doesn’t pick up table vibrations, and is actually less prone to picking up outside sounds (although this depends on the pattern, even cardioid-patterned tabletop microphones pick up noise around us while a built-in one has cancellation. noise no longer picks up anything except our voice).
  • A headset with a microphone will allow us to move more freely than a microphone that is fixed on the table, and more if they are wireless headphones.

With regard to these last two points, obviously when we talk about a table microphone we refer to the “type”, but most of them allow the device to be disassembled from its base and attached to an articulated arm that will give us greater freedom of movement, and we can even mount it on a spider mount to avoid vibrations. However, this comes at an additional expense and will still pick up more noise than a headphone mic.

The counterpart is that a table microphone does not force you to have headphones on if you don’t want to, giving you more freedom in that sense and preventing you from suffering from ear fatigue. In addition, in summer with the heat of the environment it is very appreciated not to have headphones on, especially in long gaming sessions, and in that the tabletop microphone does win.

In this section, the microphone of the headphones beats a tabletop microphone for gaming by a landslide, since it gives us greater freedom and is less prone to picking up noise.

Quality / price … or just price?

Microphone with stand

While it is true that in terms of price range the range of possibilities that we can find in the market is tremendously wide, in general it is much more expensive to mount an audio system with a table microphone than with headphones; At the end of the day, good gaming headphones cost only 50 euros, while if you want a good table microphone that you should go to models of 100 or more euros, not to mention also buying the articulated arm, support of spider or pop filter.

Obviously we also have good table microphones for just 40-50 euros, just like we have headphones with some impressive microphones for around 200 euros; As we said there is a lot to choose from but in all cases in the end, when you buy headphones with a microphone you are also buying the headphones themselves, while when buying a separate microphone you are only buying the microphone.

In the end, in this section we determine a technical tie because the possibilities offered by the market are so wide that we can literally find everything (unless you go to the professional market, however that would be more for streamers looking for the best quality regardless the price that for gaming really).

Tabletop or built-in microphone, which is better for gaming?

Trust streaming microphones

After all, if what you are looking for is to improve your voice communications for gaming and not the best possible quality in your streaming, a microphone integrated in the headphones is what is best for you simply because of its versatility and because you will not have to spend huge amounts of money to get a good result.

It is true that a table microphone will also give you some additional advantage such as not having to put on headphones (something that is especially appreciated in hot weather), but it also limits your movements a lot if you want to be heard well and capture plus ambient noise, so in reality it is up to each one to choose one or the other type (we have already told ourselves that when we talk about simply communicating with your friends or your team while you play, we are left with the one integrated in the headphones) .

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