Take advantage of PowerPoint to create videos and animations with this trick

Largely thanks to the versatility it offers us, the application is used in corporate, personal or education-focused environments. These presentations that we design step by step are generated based on a series of slides that we are creating. It must be borne in mind that one of the objectives of this program is to draw the attention, in some way, of those to whom we are going to make the presentation. For all this, PowerPoint offers us a series of functions and characteristics that will help us in this type of project.

In addition, it is very worth noting that here we are not only going to limit ourselves in the use of texts. The own program that accompanies others titles such as Word or Excel offers us the possibility of using a multitude of additional elements. Here we refer to objects such as images, videos, graphs, tables, etc. In this way, with a little creativity and patience, we will obtain really impressive results in our personal presentations.

However, this is not what we want to focus on in these lines, but what we can do with these projects once we have finished them. With this, what we want to tell you is that we are not only going to be able to generate a PPTX file or similar With the presentation as such. Just taking a few simple steps, which we will show you below, we can create other interesting multimedia content as an output file.

Get videos, photos, animations of your PowerPoint presentations

The truth is that once we have created the multimedia presentation that we are talking about in PowerPoint, we will not always need it for a formal setting. At the same time, it may be the case that the computer where we are going to reproduce it does not have this program. That is why the application itself offers us multiple solutions so that we can obtain the results we are looking for. With all this, what we want to tell you is that we have the possibility of creating a video or an animation from that project that we have just finished.

create video powerpoint

In addition, we will achieve this in an extremely simple way and without using third-party tools, all from the same PowerPoint. For example, if what we want is to obtain a video from this project of the slides, to begin with, we go to the File menu. Next, we just have to click on the Export option to choose Create a video.

On the other hand, as we have mentioned previously, we also have the possibility of creating an animated gif, a file PDF, or just a photo. This is something that we achieve from the section of Save as that we find in most applications. But instead of choosing the file format that the program offers us by default, we will have to choose the one that interests us in this case. Thus, we find that we can choose between PDF, GIF, JPG, BMP, etc.

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