Take advantage of Safer Internet Day 2022 to improve your security

Today is celebrated around the world Safe Internet Day 2022. An annual event established on the second Tuesday of the second week of February that not only has the objective of promoting safe use (especially among children and young people) of digital technologies, but also build a “better” internetto turn it into a space in which we all make use of it in a responsible, respectful, critical and creative way.

under the motto “Together for a better Internet”the Safer Internet Day reaches its nineteenth edition with events all over the planet. In Spain, the most important event is promoted by INSAFE/INHOPE within the pan-European network of Internet Security Centers and is held today at the Ciudad de León Auditorium, broadcast live by streaming for those who want to follow it.

Like previous years, this #SID2022 is addressed to all audiences and they ask us for an active partition with precise actions that make a difference in an Internet that is threatened and not only by malware. If the children and youth They can help by being respectful of others, protecting their online reputation and participating positively, parents and guardians They are required to play a key role in motivating and instilling in their children responsible, respectful, critical and creative use of technology.

Another important group are teachers, educators and social workers who are asked to train their students and students with computer skills and helping them develop skills that foster critical thinking. Meanwhile, companies can help create a better Internet by creating positive content and promoting safe online services. And what to say about our rulers; much to be done here to provide a suitable environment for all other groups, establish real child protection strategies or approve educational plans that include cybersecurity training.

Secure Internet 2022

Protection tips on Safe Internet Day 2022

Internet users, of course, can also participate and the best way is to acquire a cybersecurity culture, secure equipment and networks as much as possible for safe browsing and counter falsehood and disinformation campaigns that end up also having repercussions on security as an online risk. .

The threats are there and they are getting worse. They require the user to proactive behavior and a lot of common sense, understanding that virtual life must be protected today as much as physical life and that domestic tasks have been dangerously mixed with professional ones. Understanding that guaranteeing 100% security and privacy is not possible in a global network, there are a series of measures that we can adopt to improve them, which include strengthening online accounts, applications, equipment where we use them and precautions due in the use of the Internet and its services. You know them by heart because they are part of any cybersecurity guide, but here they go once again:

Common sense

Prudence is a preferential barrier against malware and therefore, we must take special care in the section on downloading and installing applications from unsafe sites; in browsing certain Internet pages; opening unsolicited emails or attachments; in those that come from social networks or messaging applications or in the use of out-of-date operating systems and applications, which contain vulnerabilities that can be exploited by cybercriminals for malware campaigns.

Beware of misinformation

The Internet has favored the arrival of a series of characters that we must be aware of. disinformation, half-truths, directly false news (fake news) or those with a clear intention to manipulate, are our daily bread. They are becoming more dangerous and arrive in greater numbers. Let’s be responsible. Let’s consult several sources. Let’s not help spread all this crap that is used to distribute malware and worse.

Protect web browsers

All web browsers include advanced security features whose activation we must review and configure because they are the applications we use to access the Internet and its services. In addition to reviewing end-to-end encryption in synchronization or sandboxing, we should pay attention to warnings about insecure sites displayed by browsers. Also review the installed extensions because some are a frequent source of malware introduction and assess the use of “Private Mode” (or incognito mode) to improve privacy.

Update systems and applications

All operating systems have tools to keep your computers up to date. And they are mandatory because they include security updates against known threats. As important -or more- than the above is updating installed applications to the latest versions, since these usually include security patches. When the versions are older, they are at higher risk of being attacked by cybercriminals who find vulnerabilities in the program.

Take advantage of Safe Internet Day 2022 to improve your security 30

Evaluate the use of security solutions

There are multiple providers that offer both commercial and free security solutions whose use should be valued. The same with native anti-malware applications included in some operating systems such as Microsoft Defender. No matter how cautious we are, it is difficult to be safe from all the malware that reaches the Internet. At a professional level, the use of a comprehensive business security suite that includes tools such as a firewall and specialized tools against Ransomware, Phishing, adware or spyware attacks is mandatory.

take care of passwords

The never ending story… Yes, they are terrible in usability, but until we have mass adoption of advanced biometric identification techniques we will have to use them safely. You know, they have to be random, long and complex, and different for each website, especially those for online banking and e-commerce. Evaluate the use of password managers capable of doing the work for us, reducing human errors in handling them and automating the generation and administration process.

Use two-factor authentication

Aimed at reinforcing the use of passwords, 2FA is an access control method that you will know as “two-factor authentication”, “double identification” or “two-step verification”, which has become one of the most popular security mechanisms in the technology industry when it comes to authenticating users and protecting identities. This feature is already available on most major Internet services and should be used whenever we can, using a verification code served via a mobile app or SMS.

Evaluate the use of encryption

BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature of the operating system, available in the Professional and Enterprise editions of Windows 10 and 11, among others. BitLocker allows you to encrypt or “scramble” the data on your computer to keep it safe from threats such as data theft or exposure in the event of loss, theft or inappropriate removal of equipment, ultimately improving online security.

Beware of free wireless networks

Free access points have spread to multiple areas in towns, restaurant areas, airports, train or metro stations, hotels and in all kinds of businesses. Security researchers have demonstrated the intrinsic insecurity of public wireless networks. In general, they are easily hackable, so we should only use them for occasional browsing.

Use a hardware security key for vital accounts

For vital accounts, especially in business and professional environments, it pays to go the extra mile to protect them by using a hardware security mechanism. It is generally a device in pendrive format that connects to a USB port and contains a highly secure encryption engine. The entire process is done within the hardware, greatly increasing overall security compared to software solutions.

Safe Internet Day 2022 | More information, program of activities, contests and streaming of the main conference.

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