Take advantage of these discounts on AirPods

Now that summer is here, it’s a good time to switch AirPods. In these summer months it is much more common to listen to music with headphones while sunbathing, walking or traveling. You have to take advantage of the rebates that arise to try to save some money, since Apple never lowers its products. If you want to know the discounts on Amazon, in this post we bring you some offers.

The best deals

AirPods are some of the best wireless headphones on the market, and if there’s a deal, it’s pretty cool to grab it. As we have mentioned before, it is quite complicated for Apple to offer discounts on its own website or in physical stores, but we can see offers in different stores and websites that are not official Apple ones.

3rd generation AirPods

The latest model of the basic AirPods is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your wireless earbuds. Their design makes them much more comfortable to put on the ear and also, with a single charge, you can enjoy up to 6 hours of music without interruptions, and just by saying “Hey, Siri” you can access Apple’s virtual assistant.

AirPods Pro

ipod pro

This model of AirPods is the best of Apple’s small headphones. They are resistant to water and sweat, so they are ideal to be used during this summer without the risk of damaging them. Its pads are ideal for perfectly molding to your ears without causing damage. In addition, you can listen to more than 24 hours of music with the MagSafe case.

Which ones are the best for you?

Surely, the doubt that potential buyers of this equipment have is which of the three models is the one that will best be able to satisfy the needs they have on a day-to-day basis. Well, we are going to try to clarify it for you in the best possible way. We start with the 3rd generation AirPods, which are the ones that have been on the market the longest and also those with fairer specifications. They sound very good while they are really comfortable, however, they do not have noise cancellation, something that you have to take into account and decide if you want to have it or not.

Lastly, the AirPods Pro, the most expensive but also those with more and better specifications. At the sound level, both the Pro and the AirPods 3 have the same options, they are compatible with spatial audio and lossless audio, but the Pros do have noise cancellation, as well as one of the best on the market. Finally, we can define them as off-road headphones, since they will help you to carry out practically any task.

discounts available

  • AirPods 3 generation: 20 euros
  • iPod Pro: 60 euros
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