Take advantage of these offers if you want to create your own games

The sector of games for PC It has not stopped growing over the last few years, and things are not likely to change much. We are not only talking about the growth of large companies that develop this type of software. Also included are independent content creators who go on an adventure, too.

We say this because in the event that you have ever considered developing your own entertainment titles, we are going to try to give you a hand. First of all, the first thing we must be clear about is the type of audience we want to address, the platform, and the game development environments to use. It does not mean that this type of project is easy, far from it, but it is certainly not impossible even for newbies.

One of the keys in this sense is to select the most appropriate tools that will be of help to us for all of this. If we are starting to work on the development of this type of software, we do not have to spend a lot of money to start with platforms and tools high-level, but rather the opposite. The most interesting thing is to look for intermediate solutions that serve us both in the beginning and in the development at a medium level.

In fact, along these lines we are going to offer you a series of game development packages in which you can save hundreds of euros right now. These are offered to us by the popular Fanatical website and which we will review below. The first thing to know is that these offers are divided into three levels of packages and DLCs of AppGameKit so that we get to the one that interests us the most.

Don’t miss out on these offers if you want to create your own games

To start with this development kitIn the first place, we are going to find the initial level that presents us with a total of four solutions, all for a price of 2.59 euros:

  • 3D Asset Pack: this is a DLC that includes more than 250 3D models, among which we find some with diffuse, normal and specular textures.
  • Visual Editor: here we find another AppGameKit DLC to design application scenes, position and scale all kinds of objects.
  • Sound Library: as its name suggests, this DLC provides us with everything we need for the audio that we will integrate into our new games.
  • Shader Pack: we found a set of shader effects for the graphics of the project that are valid on desktop and mobile platforms.

pack1 games

On the other hand, if we pay a total of 5.25 euros, we can add four other packages for game programming to the aforementioned:

  • AppGameKit Classic: This is software from game development focused on beginning developers and with some experience.
  • AppGameKit VR: DLC compatible with Oculus Quest and Quest 2 to add virtual reality commands to the game.
  • Giant Asset Pack 1: another DLC with more than 500 sprites and building sets to add to our projects.
  • Giant Asset Pack 2: DLC complementary to the previous one to enrich the content of these personal developments.

pack2 games

Finally, we find this third and last level that for a price of 10.49 euros adds two other programs to those mentioned above:

  • AppGameKit Studio: tool kit for game development that offers an intuitive user interface. It supports drag and drop, code with AppGameKit Script, run debugging sessions in real time, and more.
  • MEGA Media Pack: here we find another DLC that includes a multitude of content libraries for AppGameKit Classic.

pack3 games

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