take all your progress and skins to the new Overwatch 2

For a few hours, it has been possible to enjoy Overwatch 2, a wait that has been much longer than expected and that has been one of the reasons why this title has lost much of the community it had. Also, with the release of Owerwatch 2, and the server shutdown Overwatch, Blizzard has changed how the game works when it comes to progress.

With the launch of Overwatch 2, this title introduces the cross-progression feature between console and accounts. In this way, we can play on any console or PC using the same account, so if we don’t want lose all the money we have invested in the first version of Overwatch, we will be forced to link our console and accounts, since Overwatch 2, the progress is not saved on the console, but on the servers

Link Overwatch account to

To link the progress of our Overwatch account and be able to continue enjoying the same skins that we had obtained in the game, we must visit the Blizzard website through the following link and access the section connections.

Next, we must select which console we were using with Overwatch and click on Connect. We must bear in mind that we have to wait a year to be able to link a new account, regardless of which console it is, so if we use different accounts, we must make sure to use the one that has Overwatch progress associated with it.

Link Overwatch Account

Next, we must enter the data of our console account and we must confirm that we want to associate the console account with our account through Blizzard. Click on Continue to confirm the process and that would be it.

Link Overwatch Account

As of this moment, we can, we can download the new version of Overwatch. The first time When we run the application, the game will invite us to enter our account details in order to access the progress we had in the first version. And, from this moment on, all progress will remain associated with that account and not with the console account as before.

How to download Overwatch 2 for free

Unlike the first version of this title, Overwatch 2 is available for download free of charge. totally freeso we don’t have to pay a single euro to be able to play, either on console or PC.

overwatch 2 free

Like most games that have gone free-to-play, Overwatch 2 incorporates a battle pass that allows us to obtain cosmetic elements by completing all levels. But, in addition, we can also buy weapon and character skins through the game store. To download Overwatch on PC, we need to do it through the Battle.Net app. On consoles, we must visit the corresponding store of each one.

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