Take care of the spelling of your PowerPoint presentations

There is no doubt that the graphic components that are part of the multimedia presentations that we design, are key elements in most occasions. The projects that, for example, we carry out in programs such as Microsoft’s PowerPoint, intend, among other things, to be eye-catching as well as interesting.

In this way, what is achieved is to attract the attention of all those to whom we make the exposure of our presentation as much as possible. This is something that can be extended to all types of use environments. Starting with an exhibition that we make for friends or family, going through education projects, or the presentations that we make to our boss at work. In all cases we try offer valuable content and that they are attractive in terms of their exposure.

Aware of all this, those responsible for applications such as the one mentioned PowerPoint, they give us the opportunity to make use of a multitude of functions. All of them are responsible for providing us with what we need for the aforementioned objectives. Thus, today we can use elements such as graphicsvideos or Photos in these multimedia presentations.

But what we must not leave aside under any circumstances, are the texts that make up our project here. Despite being less flashy or spectacular, this content is arguably the foundation of most presentations. Therefore, it is best to maintain an adequate format, in addition to taking care of the structure and spelling of these text elements. We should not worry in most cases, since in these circumstances PowerPoint also tries to help us.

For this, it offers us a series of useful functions that we can find in the program and that will help us take care of these contents.

Take advantage of PowerPoint’s spell check feature

As we mentioned before, everything related to multimedia presentations may focus on the more audiovisual content. But with everything and with it we must not forget the importance of texts, as for example happens with any Word document. And it is that we can ruin all the work and effort spent if, for example, we find spelling mistakes in the slides.

Microsoft’s own application offers us the possibility of perform an analysis of the entire presentation to locate and correct these errors in the texts. With this, what we want to tell you is that we have a feature very similar to the one we use in the usual editors of these contents, such as the aforementioned Word or WordPad. In order to take full advantage of this feature that we mentioned, the first thing will be to design the presentation as such.

Once we have finished it, including its corresponding graphic and text content, we go to the option Check from the main interface of the program. On the left side of the toolbar we find the section that interests us in this case. It is called Review, where we see the button Orthography.

At that moment, the Microsoft application will start to analyze all the texts that are part of our presentation. This way we can manually or automatically correct all the spelling and grammatical errors that are detected here. We recommend doing this analysis whenever we finish a project in the program.

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