Take the most important things from your PC always with you with these discounted USB flash drives

Everything related to storage in our computer is becoming more and more important, and we are not only referring to the hard drives that integrates with the equipment. We have more and more possibilities when it comes to saving all kinds of files on external devices, as is the case with these USB memories now on sale.

The truth is that little by little cloud storage It is gaining followers despite the reluctance of some. But speaking of storage systems external to the computer itself, one of the most widely used and widespread types of product are usb sticks. We can carry these small devices in our pockets at all times to store all those files and folders that we need In addition, its capacity at this time is important enough to cover our needs in most cases.

To all this we can add that, with the passage of time and its acceptance by the general public, the price of these USB flash drives has decreased substantially. In these same lines we are going to talk about some devices with these characteristics that are on sale at the moment. Likewise, the storage products that we will talk about below have a 512 gig capacity, which covers the needs of the majority. In addition, and thanks to the connection technologies now supported by these products, the reading and writing speed has increased a lot in recent years.

Surely many of you know first-hand that the possibilities offered by these devices are enormous. From transporting our most important files and folders, to freeing up space on the computer or making backup copies.

USB sticks right now on sale

First of all, we are going to talk about a storage device with these characteristics from a manufacturer that is more than recognized in the sector. Specifically, we are referring to the SanDisk Ultra Flair.

If we opt for the purchase of this device, we will have a flash memory with support for high-speed connectivity usb3.0. In turn, as we mentioned before, thanks to this hardware we will have a capacity of storage total of 512 gigabytes, which many will appreciate.

Here it is worth noting the careful design that its developer bet to avoid possible damage to the storage device. And it is that it offers us a metal casing to protect our data against possible falls and blows of the product. Right now it is reduced by 22% and we can buy it on Amazon for less than 77 euros.

On the other hand, along these same lines we also want to talk about another similar hardware device. We talk about the USB memory PNY Attaché.

Here we find another device that offers us a capacity of 512 gigabytes in an attractive design to take it everywhere. It is worth noting that this memory is compatible with USB 3.1 connectivity and we can get hold of it right now for less than 45 euros.

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