Take the opportunity to buy a new TV: Cyber ​​Wow arrives with the best discounts on OLED and LCD Smart TV

Current Smart TVs have become true multimedia centers with all kinds of functions that allow us, beyond watching DTT, to access services such as Netflix, surf the Internet… And now that Cyber ​​Wow 2022 has just arrived at Plazavea, It is the best time to renew your old television.

This online store has launched a battery of very interesting offers from April 18 to 22 so that you can buy a cheaper OLED Smart TVa QLED TV at the best price or a TV with Android TV perfect for taking advantage of the applications and games available in the Google ecosystem.

Why buy a new TV

The truth is that there are many reasons to want to renew your old television and enjoy the advantages of a Smart TV. For starters, if your TV is very old, it probably won’t offer 4K resolution. And today it is a key factor to squeeze content platforms on demand such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Mainly because these VOD services offer a catalog full of movies, series and documentaries in UHD so you can enjoy the best viewing experience. And the latest Smart TVs on the market They guarantee unquestionable image quality regardless of panel technology.

What’s more, the most current Smart TVs offer image scaling with great results and that will allow you to see any content in 4K even if it is recorded at a lower resolution.

In addition, the new Smart TVs offer technologies such as Filmmaker Mode, improvements in image processing or HDR support so you can enjoy vivid and sharp colors that make buying new televisions the best option. More, with the offers for the Cyber ​​Wow 2022 and that will allow you to get the best models on the market. Smart TV with Dolby Vision and HDR10 so you can squeeze the potential of your TV.

It’s time to renew your television

Not to mention that there comes a time when your television screen will start to show signs of wear and teareither through the dreaded dirty screen effect or DSE, which occurs when some LED pixels no longer have enough power to shine as before, significantly weighing down the visual section.

In addition, there are functions that older models can no longer incorporate. For example, the new HDMI 2.1 standard to connect a new generation console and play in 4K 120 Hz, or technologies such as VRR to enjoy the best gaming experience.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a small television for the kitchen, or you prefer a large-format Smart TV with which to enjoy all kinds of movies and series in the best quality, don’t miss out on the opportunity offered by the Cyber ​​Wow of Plazavea to renew your old TV at incredible prices. Of course, this promotion has a limited duration, so take the opportunity to buy a discounted Smart TV before the units in stock run out. There are some scandal bargains!

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