take the opportunity to get hold of one of the games of the year

It was in October of last year when it came to PC and consoles A Plague Tale Requiema game that came to expand the story of the plague that already began with Innocence and? has once again captivated all the fans of that first installment. A title with a great story, better characters and a gameplay variety that makes us travel to that dark and gloomy world of the Middle Ages.

of the best of the year

Proof of that quality is that A Plague Tale Requiem He was nominated for the main categories of The Game Awards although he was not lucky enough to win big prizes. But simply with the nomination it became clear to us that was among the group of prominent so it’s never too late to get hold of it if, as it seems, it seems that you haven’t tried it yet.

It must be said that having already more than five months behind its price has been reduced in many storess so, unless you have Game Pass where it is available on Xbox and PC and you get in without paying an extra euro within the subscription, we bring you some interesting offers that we have been able to find especially for computers. Although in the case of PlayStation, it is also below the almost 80 euros that it cost full price the first day.

On PC we bring you the Fanatical option that will allow us to redeem a code on Steam, in the Spanish store, to add it to the library and not be aware of when it leaves Game Pass. So if you want to take advantage of any of these discounts, here you have them all.

A well-matched plague

As we tell you, we have brought you an offer that you have to take advantage of NOW, because it ends today. Specifically, in just eight hours, so you have to complete the purchase at around 4:00 p.m. today at the latest. Moment in which Fanatical will turn off the faucet of this bargain for what is one of the best titles that we have enjoyed in recent months. In accordance with this reduction, the PC edition will cost us only 33.49 euros, compared to the 49.99 that the platform marks as the recommended retail price. That’s a 33% discount.

In case you want to buy it for consoles, right now the most discounted version we have is the one for PS5which costs about 47.99 euros on Amazon, which can help you to have it for a reasonable amount (if we start especially from the 80 that it cost at launch).

In the case of Xbox Series X it’s still a little more expensive And we do not know if you will rent it to buy it having it in Game Pass: if you pay two months for just 26 euros you can finish it without problems. Of course, it will not be yours.

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