Take your FPS gaming to the next level with the CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA

One of the biggest new features of this CORSAIR mouse is that, for the first time, it will have a wireless variant (the M65 RGB ULTRA WIRELESS). The mouse itself maintains its iconic ergonomic shape and aluminum construction Players have trusted for over a decade now, but how could it be otherwise, they come loaded with the latest gaming technologies to deliver the best performance possible today. Next we will tell you everything about these two new mouse models from the manufacturer.

The CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA, now with wireless version

Sensor Marksman 26K Marksman 26K
Speed ​​/ Acceleration 8000Hz / 4000Hz / 2000Hz / 1000Hz / 500Hz / 250Hz / 125Hz 2000Hz / 1000Hz / 500Hz / 250Hz / 125Hz
Buttons 8 8
illumination RGB in 2 zones RGB in 2 zones
Memory Yes, 1 profile Yes, 1 profile
Cable Mesh, 1.8 m Mesh, 1.8 m
Connectivity USB USB
Autonomy 90h SLIPSTREAM
120h Bluetooth
Weight 97 grams 110 grams
Price € 79.99 € 129.99

Within its family of products, the M65 RGB ULTRA and its WIRELESS version include the brand’s most advanced technology to date. Thus, both models incorporate a Marksman optical sensor of up to 26,000 DPI of maximum sensitivity that, of course, is configurable (by iCUE) in jumps of 1 in 1 DPI, and that offers an unbeatable precision.

This precise sensor is complemented by the CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE main buttons, which incorporate a specially designed spring so that there is no space between the left and right clicks, something that combined with their switches OMRON of the highest quality you get an instant response and durability beyond doubt.

Of course, CORSAIR AXON technology is incorporated which provides a polling rate of up to 8,000 Hz in the normal model and up to 2,000 Hz in the wireless model, resulting in a minimum latency so that all movements and clicks that we make on the mouse are registered on the PC instantly.

Both mice are fully Plug & Play and the PC will instantly recognize them when plugged in; The normal M65 RGB ULTRA connects via USB, while the WIRELESS model features a USB dongle for wireless communication to 2.4 GHz with SLIPSTREAM technology of CORSAIR, although it also has a Bluetooth which, at the same time, serves to save a little battery (up to 120 hours in this Bluetooth mode for 90 hours in the high-performance SLIPSTREAM mode).

Both mice have the same aesthetics as the previous generation M65 models, with their distinctive aluminum frame (ideal for users using a claw-type mouse grip) and adjustable weight management system that allows gamers to adjust the weight of the mouse. mouse as you see fit and most comfortable for you.

Of course, its 8 programmable buttons include the characteristic oversized Sniper button so acclaimed by FPS players, and which is generally configured as a “sensitivity clutch” so that, only while we press it, the sensitivity of the mouse is reduced to be able to aim with maximum precision (which is why it is known as “Sniper”, which means sniper).

The M65 RGB ULTRA model incorporates a cable protected by braided nylon cord and that has a maximum resistance while at the same time it does not disturb if it slides on the table to have good freedom of movement. For its part, the wireless model incorporates the same cable but in this case it is connected through USB-C the mouse to be able to charge its battery; In addition, the mouse allows you to charge the battery and continue using it at the same time so as not to lose a second in the game.


Another novelty of these new CORSAIR mice is the inclusion of Sensor Fusion technology, which incorporates a gyroscope and a accelerometer Six-axis that instantly detect when the user lifts the mouse from the table, allowing for an ultra-low take-off distance so that accidental erratic movements are never experienced when repositioning the mouse mid-game.

The gyroscope can also be programmed using the iCUE software to perform tilt gestures, so we can even configure game commands such as reloading the weapon when we lift the mouse and turn it to the side (obviously, other actions can also be configured other than for games).

Finally, it should be noted that both mice have RGB lighting in 2 zones configurable independently from the software, but how could it be otherwise they also have internal memory so as not to have to depend on the software to configure its sensitivity and button assignments and, in this way, be able to use the mouse in any PC always having our personalized configuration.

Price, availability and warranty

Corsair M65 RGB ULTRA

The new CORSAIR M65 RGB ULTRA gaming mice and their wireless version (called the same but with WIRELESS at the end) are now available in the manufacturer’s online store at a price of 79.99 euros for the normal version and 129.99 euros for the wireless version. These two mice should not take long to also be available in the official CORSAIR dealer network, which includes stores like Amazon or PcComponentes, at the same price.

Both mice have a 2 year limited warranty It even includes customer service in case you run into configuration problems or need help, so if you buy one of these mice and it is your case, do not hesitate to contact CORSAIR because they will be happy to help you with whatever you need. Of course, these two years of guarantee include the usual guarantee, and if the mouse breaks down or gives you problems due to a factory fault, they will change it for a new one in the usual way.

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