Take your monitor everywhere with this offer on the ASUS XG17AHP

We all have the concept of a monitor very clear and present, but what if you could take it anywhere without affecting its performance and carry such size and weight? If the idea attracts you, be attentive, because perhaps you did not even know that this type of gaming peripheral existed.

ASUS XG17AHP, a portable ROG STRIX monitor

The concept of this monitor is simple, but it can be difficult to explain and in this case the video shown above does a better job and maybe even faster. What we find here is a 17-inch portable monitor that has three main functions:

  • Act as a common monitor.
  • Use it as a monitor for consoles or for presentations.
  • Monitor attached as second screen.

It achieves this in two different ways, since it integrates a tripod that makes us have the function of a common monitor with its base and height adjustment, while the smart cover allows us to put it on the table and keep it slightly inclined. in complete safety, logically dispensing with the tripod, as if it were a giant tablet.

To do this, it collects a panel of 17.3 inch that integrates 10% more useful space than a laptop of the same size and that is also IPS with LED backlighting. Therefore, it is capable of representing 100% of the color space on the screen. sRGB where also with its resolution 1920 x 1080p we will have a pixel pitch of only 0.199 mm.

Professional gaming monitor features anywhere!


The best thing about this monitor is that it has nothing to envy to a common tabletop monitor. Since its brightness is 300 cd / m2 while its contrast goes up to 1000: 1 with viewing angles typical of an IPS with 178ยบ vertically and horizontally.

The best without a doubt is its refresh rate and response time, since we can play in it with up to 240 FPS and only 3 ms GtG, always with technology Flicker Free present so as not to tire our eyes and improve the smoothness of the screen.

As if that were not enough, ASUS has equipped it with all the characteristics of a common gaming screen:

  • Trace Free Technology
  • GamePlus
  • Low Blue Light
  • HDCP
  • Game Visual
  • VRR Adaptive-Sync
  • Shadow Boost
  • Display Widget

The specifications are completed with a Micro HDMI input port, a mini jack for headphones and two USB-C, apart from the two 1-watt speakers that it integrates. But then, does it always have to be plugged in? No, and that is perhaps the best thing about this monitor, since it integrates a 7,800 mAh battery that guarantees 3.5 hours of gaming.

Its dimensions are 399.09 x 250.51 x 9.95 mm with a weight of only 1,060 grams, so if we have to transport it it is extremely light. Its price falls from 599 euros to much more interesting 549 euros, a discount of 8%, a good offer if we consider that we are talking about the offer with the tripod, the cover and the transport bag and not only the monitor.

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