Take your Windows 10 license for life with a 90% discount from 12 euros!

Honoring the popular saying of Spring alters bloodtoday we bring you an offer that will change you, but for the better: an offer with 100% genuine Windows lifetime licenses that you can activate whenever you want and that you can get easily and reliably for just a few euros. Who gives more? I’m telling you: no one.

The only thing you really have to think about is whether you prefer Windows 10 or Windows 11, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages: Windows 10 is more stable, but Windows 11 is more modern and attractive. But here’s the best: You can always purchase a Windows 10 license, use it, and start upgrading to Windows 11 whenever you feel like it.

Still, wait, because we’re not just bringing you Windows 10 and Windows 11 licenses. With this limited-time promotion you can get equally original, lifetime licenses for products like the popular Microsoft Office office suite in different versions, and even packages in including Windows and Microsoft Office at prices that will surprise you, with a discount up to 90%. There you have it:

To get such discounts, you have to use the “MUY” discount coupon that ensures you an additional 30% discount. How? It’s very simple: you register in the store as you would in any other site, add the product you want from the list above to the shopping cart and, before paying, enter the coupon as indicated in the following image:

After entering the code and clicking on “request”, you will see that the price matches those on the list. You make the payment and in a few moments you will receive access to the key with which to redeem your original Windows or Microsoft Office license, either in your customer section of the same store, or in the email address with which you registered .

Remember: you are buying a digital license, but original and lifetime, so you can activate the software whenever you want and use it with all the guarantees indefinitelyjust as you would with a license that you bought directly from Microsoft… but paying much less: up to 90% less, which is said soon.


Once you have the license, all you have to do is use it to activate, for example, your Windows operating system. It is a very simple process that we explain step by step in this help article. Or you save it for when you need it, because as we have repeated, they are valid licenses for life, both for use and to activate them whenever you want.

On an existing Windows 10 installation, type “Activate Windows” into the search box on the start bar, and from the list of results choose “See if Windows is activated,” even though you already know the answer to that question. Question. But the important thing is not the answer, but the window in which said information will be displayed.

Look for the “Change the product key” link in it and, in the box that will open, write the Windows 10 key that you just bought:

Windows 10 legal for only 12 euros.  Why is it worth it?

Click next, follow the steps that the wizard will indicate and, at the end, your Windows 10 installation will already be activated and ready for you to get the most out of it.

Windows 10 legal for only 12 euros.  Why is it worth it?

If we are talking about a new installation, the process is even simpler, and it is that throughout the installation process, at one point the wizard will ask you for the Windows 10 activation key. It is in this step of the process:

Windows 10 legal for only 12 euros.  Why is it worth it?

Write the key there, which will be validated immediately by the installer, continue with the process and, at the end, your copy of Windows 10 will already be activated.

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