Talentry and CleverConnect join forces to lead talent solutions

revolution in the field of talent attraction. Clever Connect, a company specializing in cloud-based recruiting solutions, has merged with Talentry, a provider of talent management solutions. Together they want to counter the current unprecedented shortage of skilled workers with the most efficient and advanced technologies to help recruiters in their day to day and offer satisfactory experiences to candidates.

After a round of financing led by Digital Plus Partners in October 2021, this merger with Talentry and the €25 million investment in Germany in 2022 brings CleverConnect one step closer to its ambition to be the European leader in Talent Acquisition solutions.

A common platform to make the best hires

While Europe is one of the most affected markets in terms of skills shortages, HR professionals are increasingly facing a lack of quality applications and a growing international competition. As a result, investments in talent management, employer branding, and high-quality job postings, as well as the tools that can convert applicants into qualified talent, are becoming the focus of HR spending.

Through this merger with Talentry, CleverConnect will optimally and holistically support organizations in transforming their recruitment processes to attract qualified new candidates, engage them in a sustainable relationship and reveal their skills and potential, as well as offer candidates a satisfying experience.

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What should be united, grows together

CleverConnect represents the revolution in hiring. With a portfolio of innovative and future-proof solutions, the European HRTech company has raised €30 million in a funding round in October 2021. The company is already helping more than 2,500 companies digitize and optimize their process hiring. The product portfolio includes a SaaS solution for prerecorded video interviews, corporate AI-powered job sites, and curricular matching. In this way, potential talents can be approached and turned into candidates in an efficient and modern way.

Started as a student startup in Munich, Talentry has been one of the leading providers of cloud-based talent relationship management since 2013. With its award-winning talent relationship platform, the company accompanies clients at every stage of the application process to efficiently find top talent across all available channels and retain them for the long term.

renowned investors

With this merger, CleverConnect becomes a 270-employee company with strong French and German foundations and uniquely positioned to claim European leadership. In 2022, CleverConnect will achieve a growth of more than 70% in its revenues and will consolidate its leadership in the Talent Acquisition market, combining European expansion and product enrichment, both with internal and external operations.

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