Taliban “allow” Afghan girls to study high school: UN

Since last August 6 when the taliban regime took control for the second time in Afghanistan, there was a climate of uncertainty and terror of Afghan citizens in particular of women who are subject to strict religious measures, including taking away their right to receive education; however, the deputy executive director of UNICEF, Omar Abdi announced a good news for Afghan girls.

The Taliban will announce “soon” a framework that allows girls attend secondary schools in Afghanistansaid the senior United Nations official four weeks after the regime made the ban.

“The de facto education minister told us that they are working on a frame, to be announced soon, which will allow all girls to go to secondary school, and we hope that will happen very soon, “said Abdi as the Taliban have been saying for weeks that they will allow young girls to go back to school as soon as possible.

The Islamist group, known for its oppressive government between 1996 and 2001, has received international criticism for separating women and adolescents from companies and schools in the country, while restricting freedoms to Afghans.

They will authorize the return to classes with strict segregation by sex

The Taliban allowed the girls attend elementary school from the beginning, but they have maintained that neither adolescent girls nor their teachers can go back to secondary schools yet.

Taliban officials have said adolescent girls will only be able to return to class when school can be guaranteed. strict segregation by sex that marks the group’s interpretation of sharia, and that this will take time.

Abdi lamented that “millions of girls of secondary school age are missing education for the twenty-seventh day in a row“.

With information from AFP.


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