Talk to Mario, Tony Stark and dozens of characters thanks to this AI

It is something that we have been talking about in recent times, we are referring to different services and online platforms based on AI. Some of them want to replace the almighty Google to inform us and search for all kinds of online content. Others try to hold conversations as if we were talking to a person. While there are some capable of generating texts indistinguishable from those created by humans.

There is no doubt that all this is growing at the moment and possibly in the future it will reach limits that seem, today, science fiction. Right now we are going to talk about a platform equally focused on artificial intelligence that you may find very curious and interesting. Specifically, we refer to character.aia web application that we can access completely free of charge from our Internet browser.

The first thing we must know to know this AI-based online service What we are telling you is that it is in beta phase. Basically this means that it is in full development and still has a lot to improve, but it is still worth knowing about it. We must bear in mind that one of its most striking aspects is that through this platform we have the possibility of conversing with other people: living, dead, famous, imaginary and created by us.

character interface

Obviously all this thanks to the AI ‚Äč‚Äčthat it implements, which will offer us responses associated with the character and the conversation as such.

Chat with celebrities virtually with

Obviously among the various warnings that we find when we start using this platform,, its developers make it clear that the conversations that we will have here are not real. More than anything to avoid confusion from some who might think that they are really talking to celebrities.

In addition, at first, from the outset, we find some examples of characters with whom we can have a conversation through the platform’s AI, or even create a new one. For example, at the top of the main interface we find a label called Famous People so that we can start our conversation with that virtual famous. We also find other categories such as well-known characters from video gamefrom anime or actors.

It is also worth knowing that we will have the possibility to choose between specific topics to start chatting. Among these we find some as common as religion, political philosophy and much more.

characters ai

How could it be otherwise, depending on the character we choose to chat with, we can talk about topics related to it. The artificial intelligence implemented in the platform will take care of analyze our questions and offer us appropriate answers as if we were actually talking to that character.

As we mentioned before, still has to improve in terms of its behaviors and responses. But there is no doubt that it is a very striking platform even funny sometimes.

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