Taurus Homeland Gyro, analysis: innovative design within everyone’s reach

Elegance in design is the differential value with which the Spanish brand Taurus intends to gain a foothold in the robot vacuum cleaner market. The Taurus Homeland Gyro is the mid-range of their collection, a sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing robot with ElegantGyro smart navigation, which identifies obstacles, corners and furniture.

The Taurus Homeland Gyro has 7 cleaning modes, and we can start it in different ways: from the button located on the top of the robot, with the remote control, through the Taurus Homeland application or by voice, to through the smart assistants from Google or Amazon.

When we open the elegant box, a visual preview of what we will find inside, we find:

  • Robot “Homeland Gyro”
  • 450 milliliter solids tank, removable and easy to clean
  • Charging base with adapter and 180 cm cable
  • Remote control (batteries not included)
  • Instructions Manual for the vacuum cleaner and the mobile application
  • Mixed tank with capacity for 300 ml of water and 250 ml of solid
  • A removable and machine washable mop
  • 2 removable and washable side brushes

Taurus’ new robot vacuum has triple filter capacity, including EPA filter, sponge and anti bacteria filter. As for the motor, it has an adjustable suction power with two modes, automatic or maximum (up to 1800 Pascals), and a lithium battery that provides autonomy of 120 minutes. Plus, it can overcome obstacles up to 18mm high, so you won’t have a problem with thin rugs or other objects that tall.

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In terms of height, it is quite a robot slimmeasuring just 3 inches, allowing it to crawl under furniture and into places where other robots would get stuck.

The solids tank (450 ml capacity) is easily removed, to be replaced with the mixed tank (300 ml of water and 250 ml of solid) that can cover a cleaning area of ​​up to 150m2. This allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time, providing a more complete cleaning solution. Also, it comes back once the water tank is finished.

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The Taurus navigation system, ElegantGyro, works with a gyroscope, which allows you to map the entire home by identifying obstacles, corners and furniture and establishing the way to go without repetition, thus ensuring the most effective cleaning.

Cleaning modes

With the Homeland Gyro we can select between 7 cleaning modes different, which adapt to different circumstances and cleaning needs. Among them we find:

  • Intelligent: It is the most commonly used, and the default mode (it is the one that will be activated when you press the button on the top of the vacuum cleaner or “Play” on the remote). In it, the robot goes through the whole house to clean it completely in an effective and efficient way.
  • Gyro: Similar to the automatic, it is ideal when you want to clean only one room of the house.
  • Wall tracking: with this mode the robot will clean following the walls and around furniture legs.
  • Spiral: Selecting it will perform outward spirals of up to 1 meter around the trigger point; Very useful if we have dropped something and it has been scattered.
  • Manual: with it you can control the robot using arrows, as if it were a remote-controlled toy. In this way you can move it wherever you want without having to carry it.
  • Return to the charging base: To send it to the charging base manually(It also returns automatically when the battery is running low or when cleaning is finished).
  • Maximum power: the most suitable mode if we want to carry out a deep cleaning.

It should be noted that the same robot, if it detects that it is running out of battery, or because it has completed the cleaning, it will return only to the charging base. In addition, if during the journey it encounters an obstacle that prevents it from continuing, or detects a fault, it will only stop and indicate the problem.

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Being a multifunction robot, we find the option of vacuuming and scrubbing at the same time. This way, it combines both cleaning systems to achieve a more complete result.

As usual, it can also be programmed to start cleaning at the time and on the days you select.

Greater control through the app

To get the most out of the Homeland Gyro we will have to download the “Homeland App” from the Apple or Play Store, register and follow a few simple steps to link the device with our 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network. It should be noted that it does not work if we select a 5 Ghz or 5G. From the cleaning App we can select between the 7 different cleaning modes that we have mentioned.

Once the application is installed, if we have a voice assistant such as Alexa or Google Assistant, we can link it through the Smart Life to the robot to be able to control it by voice.


Taurus makes a place for itself in the mid-range robot vacuum cleaners, betting on design and elegance with a complete, multifunctional and easy-to-use model. With great accessibility, which allows us to handle it with a wide variety of options, program it and configure it, it can become the ideal device for a not too demanding public. A compact, complete and practical robot that allows you to have a clean floor quickly.

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One drawback that we can find in this type of device is that they use a 2.4 Ghz WiFi network, so it is important that we know how to configure our router so that it also emits this WiFi signal (in addition to 5G), otherwise We do this, we will not be able to enjoy all the advantages that the app or the configuration provides us with devices such as Google Assistant or Alexa.

Right now the Taurus Homeland Gyro is discounted by 23% in the official Taurus store and can be purchased for € 199.99.

Homeland gyro


A multifunction robot vacuum cleaner with different cleaning modes and an elegant and innovative design at a reasonable and very competitive price.

Build quality9

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