Taxis G7 accident: Tesla sweeps away any technical failure

This Saturday evening, a serious accident involving a Tesla Model 3 from the fleet of the G7 taxi company claimed the life of a person in Paris. In its mad rush, the electric sedan also left around twenty injured, some of them in a state of absolute emergency. For Tesla, a technical failure at the level of the accelerator is inconceivable and impossible.

tesla model 3
Credit: Tesla

We mentioned it in our columns yesterday: on Saturday evening, a driver from the G7 taxi company lost control of his Tesla Model 3 in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. According to him, the accelerator got stuck and the brakes were no longer responding. In his frantic race in the streets of the capital, the electric sedan has wreaked havoc. We spoke yesterday of a dozen injured. However, the toll is much heavier as we learn from our colleagues from the World this Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

Indeed, a person lost his life in the accident, while the authorities count twenty wounded, some being in absolute urgency. The Paris prosecutor’s office has announced the opening of an official investigation in order to determine the causes of the incident. He specifies, however, that these “investigations are covered by secrecy ”.

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Tesla rules out any technical malfunction

Questioned by the world, Tesla immediately rejects the hypothesis of a blockage of the accelerator or a cruise control malfunction. Indeed, the manufacturer was able to remotely retrieve certain data from the car, failing to be able to inspect the carcass of the Model 3. According to him, “no technical failure ” is not to be deplored. “We are able to know what happened or what did not happen on board one of our models ”, says a spokesperson for Tesla.

In addition, the American company recalls that an on-board security system makes it possible to avoid this type of accident. Indeed, it suffices press the brake and accelerator pedals simultaneously to deactivate the engine torque and slow the vehicle down. In other words, it’s Tesla’s word against the driver’s.

On the one hand, the company brushes aside any possibility of a technical failure with the back of the hand, and on the other, the driver ensures that the vehicle no longer responded to any command. It will be necessary to wait for the conclusions of the investigation of the Paris prosecutor’s office to have the end of this story.

Source: The world

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