TCL 30 Series, five mid-range phones at tremendously affordable prices

After the recent expansion of its television catalogue, the Spanish company has taken advantage of the MWC 2022 framework to present its new family of smartphones, the TCL 30. Composed of up to five models divided into two 6.5-inch AMOLED and LCD screenshuge 5000 mAh batteries, a camera setup with a 50 MP main sensor, and a tremendously cheap price below 250 euros.

And it is that the real difference that we will find between these phones is mainly focused on their processors. Both the base model of the TCL 30 and its 30+ variant come equipped with MediaTek Helio G37 chipsets; while its two lower variants, the TCL 30E and 30SE, will feature the chip MediaTek Helio G25; thus being the TCL 30 5G the only one to include the MediaTek Dimension 700and of course, compatibility with 5G wireless networks.

Although unfortunately, at the moment we do not know the rest of the specifications of these terminals, pending the variations between RAM and internal storage of each model.

However, we can still find some small differences between these models: starting with the photographic section, the entire family will have a triple rear camera configuration with a main sensor of 50 MP accompanied by a 2 MP macro lens and 2 MP depth sensorExcept for the TCL 30E, which will reduce your setup to a dual system with the removal of the macro lens. Also, while the 30E has a 5MP selfie camera, the 30SE uses an 8MP front lensalong with the rest of the family.

On the other hand, although both TCL 30E and 30SE will have a 5000 mAh battery, the other three models will have a small improvement to 5010 mAh.

Thus, the big differences come when comparing prices, since, as we said, the company has chosen to turn this family of smartphones into one of the most affordable devices on the market. Starting from 139 euros basis of the TCL 30 SE, and barely reaching 249 euros base for the TCL 30 5G, we will soon be able to find all these terminals available through the brand’s own website.

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