Teams wants the Skype site on Windows 11, we’ll see if it succeeds

Teams and Skype, two applications that apparently have a common denominator, making video calls, have the same owner, Microsoft. This indicates that sooner or later the Redmond company should make its preference for one of them prevail, which seems that in the face of Windows 11, the coin fell on the side of Teams.

Microsoft Teams takes advantage

In the wake of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Microsoft Teams has experienced a major boom when videoconferencing during teleworking. This application gained importance and began to be used by thousands of companies worldwide. From one day to the next, users multiplied, something that took even the company itself by surprise. Therefore, taking advantage of the development of Windows 11, those of Redmond decided to bet on Teams, to develop a new application which will be part of the new operating system and which aims to become a first-class messaging platform.

Microsoft Teams 2.0 Welcome

Despite the fact that Teams was originally conceived as a Work tool, Microsoft’s plans are to turn it into a more social application as well. In this way it is also aimed at home users so that they can use it to chat with friends and family. This will be possible thanks to its integration by default with Windows 11, so when we update it we will have it immediately available for use.

What will happen to Skype?

The rise of Skype may have as a counterpart the loss of prominence of an application that has always been within video calling platforms, especially on a social level, such as Skype. Microsoft bought it 10 years ago, and so far, it continues to be the largest investment of the technology giant, paying for it 8,500 million dollars, and which has hundreds of millions of users.

From there the application was included by default with each new version of the operating system, up to Windows 10. Now, with Windows 11, the tables turn and Teams takes its place. Your performance problems in recent years and the introduction of video calls on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger made a dent in its usability, encompassing a field that until then had been dominating. In doing so, removing Skype as the default Windows 11 application helps reinforce Teams as the preferred solution from Microsoft’s perspective.

Other forgotten apps in Windows 11

Along with the removal of Skype from its default presence in Windows 11, there are also a number of other applications that are ignored or removed by Microsoft. Your Cortana virtual assistant or your Internet Explorer browser are now dead. Tools such as OneNote Paint 3D and the Windows 3D viewer will also not reach the new operating system by default, becoming download options within your application store.

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