Tech Entrepreneur Toolbox: Startup Essentials

As a tech entrepreneur, if you are launching a startup, you must have a business toolbox to profitably run the company. One of the different tools in your box should be a digital or e-business card to forge new contacts, create a brand image, and carry out effective public relations.

The digital card can also help your startup company as you can easily expand your company’s reach among the audience by sharing it on different social media platforms. As a newly launched startup, your company needs to feed all important information about the company, its promoter, and its products and services.

The electronic business card makes you easily accessible to many prospective clients. This is one of the most important benefits of this particular business tool. With the additional benefit of unlimited sharing of your business platform, your e-business card can give you a tremendous edge as your existing and prospective clients can contact you with a mere click by simply tapping on the social media and contact icons on your card.

According to a report published by Yahoo Finance quoting the market research organization Fact MR, the global digital business card market is estimated to reach US$ 500 million by 2033, expanding rapidly at a 9.5% CAGR from 2023 to 2033.

Besides digital cards, a startup toolbox should have the following essential software tools.

Accounting Software: In today’s highly competitive marketplace, finance has to be managed well to run the company. The traditional bookkeeping method and day-to-day written accounting have been replaced by software. For this reason, your accounting software should be your business tool.

Use a CRM Tool: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is crucial for your startup. Besides interacting with existing customers and future ones, the CRM tool is essential to know the customer’s behavioral patterns concerning your products and services. The CRM tool can yield data on queries and conversion of queries into actual sales.

Digital Marketing: In this digital age, you can remain competitive and earn profits using digital marketing as a business tool. Your digital marketing strategy must be robust for optimizing trade queries and sales. For this, your electronic business card can be very helpful. Through effective and interesting content, you can attract prospective clients.

Email Marketing Tool: As a startup, you must use this digital tool to promote sales. You can give all relevant information regarding your products and services and mail them to thousands of people. If interested in your products, they will inquire and may also purchase from you. This is now becoming an essential business tool.

Using Project Management Tool: As a startup, your success depends on managing different projects you have undertaken. If you use this tool, you can know the progress of your projects from conception to creation stages and ensure time-bound project completion.

You should use e-business cards for the following reasons:

Sharing your Startup Details: If you are still following the old system of distributing paper-based cards, you are lagging behind other entrepreneurs who have virtually made their presence through sharing electronic business card. Unlike a paper card, you can share your digital card with an unlimited number of people who matter to your company for its growth.

Available on Devices: It makes practical sense to always be present in digital format on the smartphone, tablet, desktop, and laptop of a large number of persons who are directly related to your business as existing clients and future clients. They are always carrying your details in their grip: a smartphone.

Social Media Presence: Social media platforms are universally considered an ideal means of business promotion. Your digital card uploaded on social media can go a long way in generating trade queries. It is up to your entrepreneurial capability to convert them into sales. You don’t have this facility with paper-based business cards.

Track Engagement: This benefit is being provided by the electronic cards. Tracking engagement can tell you who has visited your business site or forwarded your business site to someone else. You can know who revisited your site. This can help you formulate your business pattern as you can immediately contact those who visited or revisited your site.

Furnish Necessary Information: This is one of the most important benefits you can reap using digital cards. You can give and assimilate almost all information about the promoter of the company, the company, product and services profiling, and all contact details.


Your entrepreneurial capability depends on your selection of the right business tools. Your corporate toolbox should be equipped with all tools, including the digital card, that can facilitate your business and optimize sales. Among other tools, you can also use email marketing, content-based digital marketing, and software-based project management.

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