Tech startups need to strengthen their marketing strategy

The tech buyersbroadly speaking, consider that technology providers are not effective in communicating their differential elements.

Tech startups that fail to build trust with the buyer community focus their messaging on technicalities or functionalities of product, even when they compete in very mature markets, which means that practically the characteristics of their products begin to be identical.

Tech buyers are browsing a mature and noisy market, which complicates the technology selection process. When a tech CEO clearly knows how to communicate his differentiation, accessing the short list from vendors is easier; sales cycles shortendemand generation increases, and the success rate grows eventually.

Although difficult, differentiation is achievable. Some factors are beyond the purview of providers, such as market dynamics and how competitors are positioned. However, the state of differentiation can be achieved by adapting the message to the needs of the tech buyer and applying methodologies and best practices oriented to their purchasing processes.

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The technology sector is a fast sector in which it is imperative to stand out, but a differentiation focused on product functionalities is difficult to sustain and easy for competitors to replicate with roadmaps and new promises. In a market where tech CEOs don’t have the time or resources to mature their go-to-market strategy, where they wear multiple hats, forced to procrastinate their marketing, and even underestimate it, Skala is born.

A company whose new business model seeks to revolutionize the marketing department of technology startups, offering a CMO as a service model that allows the marketing function to be delegated to a hyper-specialized CMO.

Many startups can’t afford to have an entire marketing department at that level of maturity, so the Skala model gives you access to actionable marketing with an affordable level of investment, with which to scale your business.

A project born in the pandemic

After working as a CMO for technology companies, and developing her commercial career with Gartner, Rokaya’s experience in areas such as sales and marketing has been the perfect tandem that today positions her as the right hand of many Tech CEOs.

Technology startups have common challenges, such as a lack of resources, they understand a lot about technology, but they do not necessarily dominate sales or marketing, they are companies, that do not have a marketing department, or they carry out a very traditional marketing with junior staff and, who focus on content creation, likes and the generation of leads, which finally makes it difficult for them to close.

“Skala is not a typical marketing agency or consultancy, this model offers tech CEOs the opportunity to delegate this function to a tech CMO with a sales orientation and alignment with the tech buyer’s purchasing process. With an important plus, we do not reinvent the wheel, our methodology is based on the frameworks and best practices of best performers and that we have learned from Gartner»highlights Rokaya, CEO of Skala.

Despite having been born in the midst of a pandemic, the company is in a moment of growth At two levels, on the one hand, there are more and more companies that rely on this new methodology, and there are more that join Skala’s collaborative model. “We have just started and the reception has been overwhelming, and the feedback very positive”the founder tells us.

Skala provides support to the tech CEO at three levels. Marketing, to move to a go-to-market strategy aligned with the tech buyer’s purchasing process. The support for sales with the generation of opportunities at the hands of the figure of the SDR, with which doors are opened to new commercial conversations. And that of recruitment, responding to the need to hire talent and commercial personnel with experience in sales, technology or a more techy.

In the midst of a pandemic, the company begins its journey remotely, a way of working and lifestyle that the company promulgates in its culture. “With the pandemic, working from home was a challenge for me, but it made all the sense in the world since communication with my clients was through video calls. Skala is born and remains remote first. We are committed to indefinite remote work, which allows us to hire great talent practically anywhere, and the flexibility and lifestyle it brings to our employees”highlights Rockaya.

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