Technical profiles in Spain earn 7% more since 2020

The ICT sector professionals they enjoy an increasingly relevant position. The digital transformation in which we have been immersed for years, together with the COVID crisis, have increased their prominence, to such an extent that they account for 24% of job offers in Spain.

The Setesca Talent company, specialized in identifying and attracting professional talent, has presented the study “Estimated salaries IT profiles 2022” with the aim of knowing the situation of the contracting conditions of IT profiles at the national level.

Cloud architect: the profile that increases your salary the most

One of the first conclusions to be drawn from the analysis is that the ICT profiles have registered in 2021 a 7% salary increase over the previous year. At this point, it stands out that this increase has been higher in the areas of security, development and the cloud environment. This increase is mainly caused by a tendency to migrate systems to the Cloud and a need to implement security tools to ensure the proper functioning of the organization.

The profile that has had the most increase in salary, 20%, is that of cloud architect, followed by positions like tech lead, software architect, scrum master or data analyst. The cloud achitect is the professional who is in charge of efficiently managing the structures in the cloud, and its functions cover everything related to servers, platforms, storage solutions, connectivity and software.

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The highest paid: applications manager, CISO and ERP consultant

Who are the highest paid professionals? The study carried out by Sestesca Talent highlights, behind managerial positions such as CIO or IT Manager, three positions: applications manager, CISO and ERP consultant.

The applications manager he has an estimated salary of between 80 thousand and 100 thousand euros. Second, the CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) has a range of between 70 thousand and 90 thousand euros. While the ERP consultant, moves between 58 thousand and 63 thousand euros.

Non-salary compensation: life insurance, restaurant ticket and healthy food

Regarding the most common non-salary remuneration received by IT profiles, there are, firstly, the life insurance (50%), followed by the restaurant ticket (30%), healthy food in the workplace (25%) and health insurance and training (20%). The car in positions like CIO, CTO and director of development is given at 13%.

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