Technics EAH-AZ40: great sound and a single ‘problem’

A compact and comfortable design for everyday use

Let’s start from the basis that choosing true wireless headphones stopped being something simple a long time ago. There are so many options on the market, that it is increasingly difficult to be clear about which is the ideal one according to the needs and budget of each user. Even so, there are brands that due to their trajectory always position themselves as the first options to consider and one of them is Technics.

The manufacturer has been busy for a few months in terms of sound proposals and its last two with the Technics EAH-AZ60 and AZ40. The last ones are the ones that I have been trying, a somewhat more restrained or less ambitious solution, but with some other interesting aspect that could be definitive for you when making a choice between similar alternatives, especially in price. So let’s get started.

The first thing that catches the attention of these and any other type of True Wireless headphones is inevitably the design. For me it is not only important that it attracts me, but also that it turns out to be comfortable during the day to day. And be careful, it is true that being in-ear not everyone will find them comfortable, but if you do not have problems and they hold you well, they are very striking for a simple matter of size.

The latest in-ear headphones from Panasonic that I was able to try sounded great, but they were a bit bulky for my taste. Especially since since I tried the Jabra Elite 75T I unconsciously tend to compare all of that type. This time I did it too, but they didn’t turn out badly at all.

The Technics EAH-Az40 are quite small and light, two characteristics that I like. Because once you put them on, with one of the four pads that it incorporates so that you can choose the one that best suits you, they go almost unnoticed by the rest. In addition, they weigh very little and that makes them even more comfortable, so much so that you even forget when you have them on. In addition, they offer IPX4 protection (only the headphones, not the case).

Available in various colors, this rose gold model is quite eye-catching. Still, I think I like the silver or black variants better, but it’s a matter of preference.

About the case more or less the same: it seems to me a real success in dimensions. It is true that it feels somewhat fragile due to the touch of the plastic, but the fact that it weighs little and is so small makes it super comfortable. It is also easy to open, the headphones are well fixed with the magnets and it is charged by USB C.

Could it have been asked to include wireless charging? Well, yes, but it is not that it is a drama that it does not have it. At least if we do not take into account the price, for what they cost the same, it is what many would expect. Of course, the dimensions and weight then would have varied. So you can’t have everything.

Use experience

Let’s talk about technical characteristics and not so much about design. To begin with, these True Wireless headphones connect as it could not be otherwise via Bluetooth connection. It is not necessary to install any type of application, you go to the pairing mode of your device and you locate them. But if you want to enjoy the most complete experience, then you will need the app available for iOS and Android: Technics Audio Connect.

This app not only makes the connection between the phone and headphones even easier, it also gives extra options to customize the sound through the equalization option that it incorporates, adjust the gesture control and even the sound modes: Ambient mode and Attention mode. With the former, voices and other surround sounds are captured naturally as they would be heard if you weren’t wearing in-ear headphones. With the second, unwanted external noise is reduced to hear voices more clearly.

These modes they are not noise cancellation systems, just one way to somewhat enhance the outside listening experience when wearing them. If you want an ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) system then you would have to make the leap to the Technics EAH-Az60.

Returning to the analyzed model, once the headphones are connected, the flat part of each headset is a touch panel with which you can carry out different actions common in this type of products such as controlling music playback, answering or hanging up a call and even activating the Alexa voice assistant with which it is compatible. The gestures work well, but you always need to adapt and memorize each of them.

Regarding autonomy, something important, here we have that the headphones offer a six-hour continuous playback about. The good thing is that with the case you can get about 25 theoretical and the fast charge in case you stay at zero it is about 90 minutes of playback per 15 charge.

Sound quality

Regarding the sound quality, both in playback and in calls, I have to admit that here Technics knows what to do. They sound great and the microphones also capture quality audio when you use them on a call or video call.

However, with the application itself you can control the sound a little more in detail and adjust the equalization as you see fit to your own personal preferences. I have played with some parameters and in the end I decided to leave it by default. This is how I think all kinds of content are better listened to, but again that depends on each one.

So when it comes to playing music, podcasts, videos or answering a call, the sound quality has convinced me in every respect. Usually they sound full-bodied and both the quality of bass and treble seems excellent to me. There is no excess “color” with practically any music genre. If you abstract you will think that you are almost listening to live music,

A good proposal where only the price fails

After a few days testing these Technics headphones, I have to say that the experience has seemed very gratifying, although it will be difficult to compete with options from other brands. The faithful user of Technics, just as Sony or other renowned brands such as B&O could be, will not hesitate and value every euro they cost. However, for others by 149.99 euros there will be other more striking options.

For example, for iPhone users, the AirPods themselves and their great integration with the system will always be there. For Android users there are cheaper options that in terms of sound and user experience are on par and cost less.

The best

  • Sound quality
  • Design and comfort of use in the day to day


  • Good battery, but nothing to write home about
  • Price

So the main handicap of these Technics headphones is the price. I will not deny that what they are worth can be justified, but it is difficult to bet on them having so many additional options. Of course, when you listen to them, it is very likely that you forget that and dedicate yourself just to enjoy how well they are heard.

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