Technology and sustainability are the basis for attracting foreign investment for startups

On March 30 and 31 it will be held in The Marina, in Valencia, The Next Web. This is the international festival specialized in innovation promoted by the economic newspaper Financial Times. The outlet directs this event in collaboration with the Valencia City Council, and the official agenda for the event has recently been published, which includes five topics.

Five themes

This program has been created in collaboration with the event advisors, a committee made up of influential leaders from the technology industry that represents the main audience that will attend The Next Web Valencia and is based on five themes:

  1. growth quarters: The Mediterranean technology region is full of new opportunities. The Next Web València offers the opportunity to learn how to make the right strategic decisions, as well as meet new partners and new companies to invest in or collaborate with. Keynote Session: “The Resilient Founder’s Survival Guide: Founding and Growing in Times of Crisis.”
  2. Valencia as a focus of attention: The sessions on this theme will allow discovering the achievements of Valencian companies, its government and the creators of its ecosystem in order to understand what the future of technology will be like and learn about the growth opportunities offered by the Valencian Community. Main session: “Coming together to innovate: how cities and startups must collaborate to end energy poverty.”
  3. Sustainable business: Sustainability has become a differentiating factor for companies, due to this, it is essential to know sustainable business solutions and ecological technologies that will prepare a business for the future. Main Session: “Leading the future: creating the next generation of European technology companies.”
  4. . sustainable society: Technology can have a great influence on the main challenges of society, such as sustainability, diversity or inclusive economies. Knowing how these objectives can be achieved through the main architects of the change will foster the entrepreneurial spirit, train digital citizens and strengthen the business ecosystem of a region. Main session: “Closing the circle: innovating for inclusion, equality and equity.”
  5. industry transformation: During these sessions, it will be possible to understand how digital technologies such as big data, cloud computing or the Internet of Things are transforming the production processes of factories thanks to the development of automation and its possible applications in Industry 4.0 . Main session: “Transforming ports to achieve a sustainable digital future: lessons from Antwerp – Bruges.”

These sessions will take place in three different scenarios: impact, innovation and growth. All of them are designed to inspire and offer the public new perspectives of knowledge and practical information applicable to technology and entrepreneurship.

The main objective of TNW Valencia is to connect government organizations, startups, investors and companies to shape the future of Valencian technology and entrepreneurship, thus becoming the heart of the Mediterranean technological ecosystem. In this regard, María Escartí, director of Invest In Valencia has affirmed that “There is no doubt that an event like TNW Valencia will boost the Valencian ecosystem of innovation and startups and will contribute to attracting foreign investment.”

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