Technology could be the new “soldier” in the Russian-Ukrainian War

When we think of war, it’s easy to come to mind scenes of armed soldiers, bombs everywhere, tanks and troops. After all, this scenario is what we experienced in previous world clashes or even seen in movies. The big question is that technological advances are changing the course of history and the war announced by Russia may be very different from anything we’ve seen so far.

The possible third world war will not only have people in attacks and no limits between borders, that’s because Artificial Intelligence will be able to trigger missiles, control drones and autonomous systems. In addition, hackers are also an integral part of offensives that aim to destabilize Ukraine’s infrastructure and generate psychological shocks in the population.

It’s a shame to see so many efforts in the area of ​​technology being used to, instead of releasing, imprison so many people, in addition to being a very dangerous weapon in the hands of those who don’t know how to use their full potential.

We are already seeing a series of sad cyberattacks in Ukraine. What many don’t know is that all of this can get out of hand and go global. To give you an idea, in January, the US Infrastructure and Cyber ​​Security Agency (CISA) warned its critical infrastructure operators to take “urgent, short-term action” against cyber threats, highlighting recent attacks against Ukraine as a reason to be aware of potential threats to US assets.

Image: reproduction/Boston Dynamics

The agency also pointed to two 2017 cyberattacks, NotPetya, a Russian attack focused on Ukraine, and WannaCry, which spiraled out of control of their initial targets, spread rapidly across the Internet and impacted the entire world at a cost of billions. of dollars.

According to Mit Technologhy Review, NotPetya shut down seaports and left several giant multinational corporations and government agencies unable to function. Nearly everyone doing business with Ukraine was affected because the Russians secretly poisoned the software used by everyone who pays taxes or does business in the country.

Attacks like these may not directly kill and injure, but they continue to have huge impacts on society as a whole. In addition, it brings insecurity as great as in an armed conflict.

Therefore, the future is uncertain and we should be concerned, as it involves technological tools that can attack the entire world depending on how it is used. Honestly, this is the main fear of many nations.

However, with so much evolution in the area and with disruptive technologies, we have nowhere to run, we already knew that, sooner or later, we would have a war that would put all this at stake.

According to CNN, Russian forces mainly carry conventional weapons, tanks, armored vehicles and troops. But they are capable of carrying out electronic warfare and offensive cybernetics in a matter of seconds.

After all, Russia and China were described by the British government’s Integrated Review report as, respectively, an “acute threat” and the West’s long-term “strategic rival”. Therefore, we cannot doubt the power that these countries have to use technology totally for the evil side.

Late last year, Russia conducted a missile test in space, destroying one of its own satellites. And China has conducted tests of its advanced hypersonic missiles, capable of traveling at speeds many times the speed of sound.

This seems to dazzle the great powers, but I need to warn that the malicious use of AI can create an imminent threat to the entire planet, causing unprecedented damage.

The future is extremely worrying, as many countries will enter a race for powerful technologies that can stop the opponent. This is where the danger lies, as whoever wins may want to control everything we’ve conquered so far.

I hope we don’t get to that point and that we can really look at technology not as a possible “soldier” of war, but as a tool that has benefited hundreds of thousands of people around the world, saving lives, moving the economy, enabling new discoveries in science and being employed in so many important fields of society. I still have hope for a white flag coming up, even if it’s raised by a robot!

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