Technology for teleworking: VPN, VDI or DaaS?

After two years of restrictions and remote work, if there is one thing that companies are clear about, it is that teleworking is here to stay. At a time when it costs so much attract and retain talentcompanies are clear that offering the possibility of working remotely is essential.

And yet, launching a teleworking strategy is not possible if the organization does not have the right technology. In defining what the right technology is, there is not always a single answer…or if there is, it always starts from a comprehensive approach.

This is the starting point “Technology for teleworking” a new MCPRO Document in which we talk about three of the technologies most used by companies that want to offer their employees the possibility of teleworking: VPN, VDI and DaaS. In this free technical document you will find the following contents:

  • Practical data on telecommuting and hybrid work.
  • Main technologies that guarantee remote work.
  • Pros and cons of VPN, VDI and DaaS.
  • Additional information to make an informed decision.

If you are thinking of improving the way in which you work remotely in your organization or if you want to learn more about these technologies, don’t think twice: this document interests you.


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