Ted Lasso, the kind surprise from Apple TV +

The origin of Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is a television series released on Apple TV + on August 14, 2020, a comedy that from the first day has conquered millions of viewers thanks to that positive tone that its protagonist gives off, although the cast in general ends up winning you by the way of being of each one of them. Of course, before telling you what it is about, you have to know what its origin was, because it still surprises you.

The ted lasso character was created for NBC Sports by Jason Sudeikis himself, for a series of promos to be used for coverage of the Premier League.

So before the series Ted Lasso already existed, so when the series was raised there was a lot of work done and all you had to do was develop the plot further and add other characters that would complete the story.

Synopsis of Ted Lasso

About what the series is about, it must be said that it basically tells the adventures of Ted Lasso, an American football coach very of walking around the house and from Kansas (USA) that right off the bat is signed as manager by an English club, the AFC Richmond.

Of course, a priori this might not seem like anything relevant, but it is and the reason is none other than the great difference between two sports that many refer to in the same way: soccer. And it is that, unless you live in a bubble, you will already know that American football is very different from English football or simply football that we know in Europe and in most Latin American countries.

However, the reason for signing Ted Lasso as coach of a team of the Premier League has its reason for being and is revealed during the first season. Although that is one of the many details that you will have to discover during the course of the plot.

Main cast

As in any other series there are actors who have much more weight in series than others, although some appear recurrently in it. The main protagonists of Ted Lasso are the following:

  • Ted lasso (Jason Sudeikis) is the protagonist, the American football coach who now has the complicated mission of managing an English football team without even knowing the rules, but he loves to coach and has more interest in people than in winning
  • Rebecca welton (Hannah Waddingham) is the current owner of the club that was awarded to her after the divorce and the person who signs Ted
  • Leslie Higgins (Jeremy Swift) is the director of operations and one of the first people to end up surrendering to Lasso’s character until he sided with him.
  • Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) is a model girlfriend of one of the stars of the AFC Richmond who later starts working for the club itself and gaining importance in most plots
  • Beard (Brendan E. Hunt) is Ted’s friend and assistant. With a very particular character, he is not only a great support, but also a counterweight to balance Lasso’s jovial character
  • Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) is the veteran captain of the team, a character who despite his eternally angry face will play a lot in the series. Of course, the actor himself had to deny a crazy theory generated on the internet that claimed that he was a character made by computer graphics (CGI)
  • Nathan shelley (Nick Mohammed) is the team’s prop, a character lacking confidence but with good ideas and knowledge of both the squad and the sport. Thanks to Ted and his way of being, he becomes more and more involved until he becomes “Nate the Great”

These could be said to be the main protagonists of the series, those who in one way or another are always in each of the chapters. Logically there are many more recurring characters, like the rest of the players who in one way or another are entering and leaving different plots.

Trailer and episodes of the first Ted Lasso

The First season by Ted Lasso consists of a total of ten episodes that can be seen on Apple TV +. These are the titles of each of them:

  1. Pilot
  2. pastitas
  3. Trent Crimm: The Independent
  4. For the kids
  5. Tan marks
  6. Two aces
  7. Make rebecca great again
  8. The Diamonds Dogs
  9. Apologies
  10. The hope that kills you

Trailer and episodes of the second season of Ted Lasso

The second season has already premiered as well and increases the number of total episodes to 12, these are the ones that compose it:

  1. Goodbye Earl
  2. Lavender
  3. The best you can
  4. The carol
  5. Rainbow
  6. The signal
  7. State of mind
  8. Man city
  9. Beard after work
  10. Zero weddings and a funeral
  11. Night train to Royston
  12. Investing the pyramid of success

The series awards

Ted Lasso has not only conquered the general public, but also the specialized critics who have already recognized the genius of this series. This has been translated into a good list of awards, among which the Emmy 2021 stands out. best comedy series, Best Leading Actor in a Comedy for Jason Sudeikis, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for Hannah Waddingham and Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy for Brett Goldstein.

It also has WGA awards, Golden Globes, TCA Awards and Television Critics Awards that do nothing more than highlight the good casting and how ingenious this series is, also belonging to a sector, that of streaming services, that is getting more and more notoriety on today’s television.

Will there be a third season of Ted Lasso?

Yes, those responsible for the series have already commented on occasion that when it was thought, they had the idea that it would be developed in three years. That is, that there was three seasons.

Recently Jason Sudeikis commented that his love for the series itself and the character of Ted Lasso could ruin that original idea. With this it seems clear that it will be the third season that closes completely the story, although it must also be said that there are certain rumors about a possible continuation, although without Lasso.

For now we will have to wait, but at least we are clear that we will once again enjoy a season with which the evolution suffered by each of the main characters would finish taking hold. And it is that all have been growing during the second season, some in a direction that was not initially expected.

Where can you see Ted Lasso

Apple TV +

Ted Lasso is a production for Apple TV +. Therefore, it can only be viewed through Apple’s streaming service.

Apple TV + is, like Netflix and other similar services, paid. Costs 4.99 euros per month, although users of other Apple devices can opt for it through other packs with more services that they offer.

Regarding which devices it can be viewed on, Apple TV + has an application for the main Smart TV televisions, also for devices with Android TV, Android mobiles and tablets, Windows computers and Apple’s own (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac).

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