Tekken Bloodline will premiere this year as an anime series on Netflix

After its powerful expansion of animes during the past year, and the most recent promise of expanding its catalog, Netflix has just announced the surprising collaboration with Bandai Namco to offer us tekken bloodline arrivala series that will focus on the story of a young Jin Kazamashowing us a small part of his past, how he acquired the demonic powers shown during the saga, and his entry into the already well-known fighting tournament.

So, beyond the small teaser, in the absence of being added to the official file of the series, we can find a small synopsis in the video posted on YouTube: «Jin Kazama learned the family arts of self-defense, traditional Kazama-style martial arts, from his mother at a young age. Still, he was powerless when a monstrous evil suddenly appeared, destroying everything he held dear, changing his life forever. Angry with himself for not being able to stop him, Jin swore revenge and sought absolute power to exact it. The search for him will lead to the final battle on a global stage: The King of Iron Fist Tournament.«.

With this series, Netflix expands not only its catalog of animation content, but also his recent commitment to the adaptation of video games to the screenwith the recent successes of Arcane (League of Legends), The Cuphead Show, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare, Castlevania or Dragon’s Dogma.

Unfortunately, the rest of the main details are unknown at the moment, such as the exact date of its launch, only limited for this 2022; as well as the number of episodes it will have or their duration.

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