Telecommuting: for or against ?, Firefox will make all websites dark and Winamp returns

In fact, there are many offices that have closed because the corresponding companies have decided that teleworking is more profitable. Obviously some sectors cannot hold on to this type of operation, but there are others that have not let it pass. One of them is the programming sector or the applications development, which has not stopped during this time thanks to this online modality.

Almost 90% of programmers prefer to telecommute, how about you?

The truth is that in these moments little by little the lives of many are returning to normal. But that does not mean that those companies that temporarily adopted teleworking are reverting to the previous mode of operation. We tell you all this so that you understand the results obtained from a recent study that has led to the open source development platform GitHub.

– elhacker.NET (@elhackernet) November 19, 2021

Based on it, it has been found that around 90% of the software developers they prefer to work from home, that is, telecommute. This is a survey that has been carried out for more than 12,000 users, which is no small thing. At the same time, it has also been found that 40% of these prefer to establish and work in 100% remote teams.

Do you agree with the majority and do you also prefer teleworking?

Now yes, the Winamp player will come back to life

Despite the many multimedia players that we can use today, there are titles that were part of our lives in the past and that many continue to remember. This is the case of mythical winamp, a software to listen our favorite music that became a benchmark a good number of years ago. Since then until now there have been several rumors about its relaunch, but so far everything has remained at that.

But it seems that finally this is something that is going to come true, although we still do not know the concrete data about all this. What we know so far is that both the website and the product logo have been redesigned and we can become testers of the new Winamp.

Firefox will use dark mode on the websites you visit

Whichever web browser we use by default, the truth is that it is a type of program that does not stop growing and improving. This is the case of the proposal that you present to us Mozilla with your Firefox, a product that is now incorporating a new and interesting functionality. And the firm is currently working on a new function that will force a color scheme for the websites we visit. It is true that most browsers support light and dark modes. However, these are limited to changing the appearance of the Program, without modifying the content of the websites.

firefox themes

But this is something that will change soon in the customization of Firefox. In fact, the latest version of Firefox Nightly 96.0a1, has a new function whereby websites will also be displayed in the selected light or dark mode. It must be taken into consideration that this is still in testing mode, although it is expected that it will soon reach all users through the stable version of the browser.

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