Telegram already allows you to configure “when the multimedia is automatically saved in your gallery”

Telegram has just launched its first update of the year and it looks a lot like the last of the previous one, which means, in case you were wondering, good news, because it basically continues to release different types of features with which to provide more functionality. to an application that is already left over.

However, it should be noted that of those10 important functions in heating mode»that this version brings, as indicated in the official announcement, there are only two or three really important; The rest is filled with little or a lot of interest, depending on the user you ask, and the usual trifles around emoji and stickers.

As truly important novelties, perhaps the most outstanding is that of autosave received media, that is, “control when the multimedia is automatically saved in your gallery, based on its size, type and in what type of chat it was received. This menu also allows for exceptions, so you only save exactly what you want.”

Or what is the same, you can finally decide to save the images and videos that certain contacts share with you and not all the garbage that slips through the groups and channels that you follow and that, for example, turn your Google Photos into a landfill that costs to keep clean. Out of ten this option.


Another important novelty, at least for the management of large groups, is that of the accurate media permissions, an option that allows administrators to limit the type of multimedia (images, videos, voice messages, screenshots, etc) that users in groups can send. Because prevention is better than cure, as is often said.

The most comfortable users will also be interested to know that they can return to sign in with Apple and Google ID, which is an option to consider for those who prefer it over SMS codes. This does not affect two-step verification, mind you.

I could also describe the option to translate chats, groups and entire channels in real time as an important novelty, accessibility in this case, but since it is only available for Premium users, we will not do it. However, be aware that it is possible to translate individual messages through the context menu options.


Following the redesign that storage usage received with the previous version, now it’s the turn of the network usagewhich wins in features and presentation, so you can see “how much data has been used by Telegram with detailed pie charts for data via Wi-Fi and mobile, and modify your auto-download settings to what best suits your plan.” data”.

Other novelties of this version of Telegram include a new function that facilitates the creation of profile images, the categorization of emoji and stickers, improvements in the use of bots, more emoji… and a new Premium annual subscription plan with which you you can save up to 40% of what it costs if you pay it month by month. And that’s all, which is not little.

In fact, that’s not all: subscribe to the MC channel on Telegram now, if you haven’t already done so, and receive everything we publish there. More how impossible!

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