Telegram and iMessage triumph, why did they beat WhatsApp?

Telegram leads the rankings today, why?

If you go to the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android, you can check that Telegram is the most downloaded app in the last hours. The umpteenth drop in the WhatsApp service has benefited him once again. But why is it the favorite alternative of many? Well, although it is true that we would have to ask each one, we can find a series of functionalities that this app has and not WhatsApp. The list could be much larger, but roughly this is what stands out the most:

  • Multi platform: While WhatsApp has not yet fully implemented this function, Telegram has offered for years the possibility of using the same account on computers, mobiles and tablets. And it does not matter if they are iOS, Android, macOS or Windows.
  • Cloud backup: In Telegram it is not necessary to make any type of backup, since it is stored directly on their servers and is always available. Even when the operating system is changed, this copy is available, while WhatsApp is a real mess in this regard.
  • Leaves no trace of deleted messages: Although WhatsApp added this functionality to delete messages, the user can read the always controversial “message deleted” notice, while Telegram deletes it without leaving a single notice.
  • Personalization: from changing the app icon to being able to customize the background color, of the sent and received message balloons and even make each chat have its own customization. These are all functions that Telegram has and not WhatsApp.

The case of Apple’s messaging app is perhaps different, since it is the reliable old lady of iPhone usersThose who turn to iMessage user manuals to keep in touch are their family, friends, and co-workers / classmates. Works well, smoothly and fully synchronized with other equipment of the brand, although its main handicap is that it is exclusively used in apple products.

The great handicap of the fight against WhatsApp

Despite all that has been said, WhatsApp is a very difficult wall to tear down. And not only because a great company like Facebook is behind, but because of a question of customs. While it is true that this was not the first free messaging app via the internet, it was the one that became more popular in less time. In fact, “being able to install WhatsApp” was the main claim for the purchase of smartphones a decade ago.

The ignorance of the alternatives by a sector of the population less techie It is also another fundamental reason why Telegram, Signal and many others are not so widespread. And we rule out iMessage from here due to a clear disadvantage in this regard and that is that it is not available on Android phones as if the rest are.

WhatsApp Telegram

Be that as it may, and despite the hopes of many lovers of these other apps who are eager to see all their contacts switching to them, it seems that WhatsApp will continue to be the leading app in the sector. And although now in the download rankings we see Telegram leading the ranking, it seems that it will once again stay in the app drawer of many after verifying that WhatsApp works correctly again.

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