Telegram Expands Reactions, Simplifies User Links, and More

After a latest version of Telegram in which exclusive news for Premium users were prioritized, the river returns to its course and, even giving more to those who pay, as is understandable, those who do not are not ignored depriving them of useful options.

This version of Telegram, for example, extends the reactions that were previously available only to Premium users to everyone, although it is not the million-dollar feature either: “to accommodate all the new emoji, we have redesigned reaction panel, making it expandable. The reactions you use frequently will appear at the top, “they explain in the official announcement.

Premium users will have a larger selection of emoji and can attach up to three per message. Likewise, they will be able to add animated emoji to their status or profile page, while the open emoji platform allows anyone to upload their personalized packs, which, yes, can only be used by Premium users. In any case, trifles.

More interesting is the improved login flow, which explained in a simple way means the option to log in to Telegram with an email address, with the Google or Apple account. This is also used to create a new account on the service. Still, they could very well implement double authentication using authenticator apps.


They also improve, or rather simplify, the user links, both for individual users, groups or channels. As an example, the MC channel on Telegram, where you can receive and read everything we publish with the greatest comfort. What does the change consist of? If the current link is “”, now “” is also valid. You can use the one you like the most because both work.

More news? More news: downloads now support prioritiesso if you have several in progress, you can rearrange them by holding down any item in the list (just in case: priority goes from top to bottom).

Lastly, Telegram has polished up some animations in the Android app and if you’re running Android 13, you have the option to use the Material You-style Telegram themed icon. And now, yes, this is all for now.

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