Telegram for Mac is updated to version 8.0

The latest available version of the Telegram application for Mac users is version 8.0 and in it several important changes and novelties are added, such as the arrival of unlimited live streams, the forwarding of messages in a simpler way or the option to switch between channels in a simple way.

The truth is that Telegram goes a step beyond being a simple messaging application and adds more and more details of a social network. Of course, the typical improvements in the functionality and stability of the app, so we have a fairly complete new version.

Of course, these improvements and new functionalities can be very useful for the most demanding users, although it is true that many users do not take full advantage of the features it offers. For example, the option of transmitting live video with an unlimited number of users is not something that everyone will use, but being able to make a video chat with an entire group or channel is something that not all messaging apps allow you to do. Be that as it may many users went from other applications to Telegram for various reasons and more and more are using it.

Obviously not everything Telegram does is good and it is not the best application for all users, but without a doubt with all this time and with The number of updates and improvements it releases has earned it a place among the best. You may not use half the advantages it offers compared to other similar apps, but personally, because of the option to use it both on the Mac and on any iOS device, iPhone, iPad, etc., it is already worth having it installed.

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