Telegram for Mac is updated with group video calls and more

Telegram just reached version 7.8 for Mac users And like the version for iOS devices, it adds group video calls, the option to share the camera screen with up to 30 participants, voice chat from the profile of the group in which you are admin and others. The news that will arrive a couple of days after launching on iOS devices are directly related to the video calling function and also to bug fixes and stability improvements.

As you all know, this is a messaging application that competes directly with the WhatsApp application for a long time, and in this case for Mac users add your own native app something that WhatsApp still does not have at the moment.

In this case we are not going to discuss whether the application is better or worse than the ones we have available today but it is true that Telegram adds many news and changes frequently so that the user can perform all kinds of functions with it, it is also fluid, has a neat interface, can be customized to suit the user and is completely free.

Obviously not everything Telegram does is good and it is not the best application for all users, but without a doubt with all this time and with the amount of updates and improvements it launches it has earned a position among the best. You may not use half of the advantages it offers compared to other similar apps, but only because of the option it offers us to be able to use it as an app both on the Mac and on any iOS device, iPhone, iPad, etc. it is worth having it installed.

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