Telegram improves its privacy and its management tools

A new Telegram update has just arrived and if it stands out for something, it’s because of the news it brings, and there are significant ones, practically all of them are aimed at all users of the service, and not just premium users, as it had been. usual in the latest releases.

This version of Telegram also brings outstanding news at the privacy level, although they all have their buts. For example, as of this version Telegram finally allows registration without a SIM card, but not as would be desirable, but by buying anonymous numbers with blockchain technology available on the Fragment platform. That is, except for specific tasks, it is still worth using a SIM, which is cheaper.

Another option that improves privacy in Telegram and that will work for everyone is the auto remove from all chats, an extension of the functionality that already existed and that covers all the activity in the application: you set a timer to delete any chat at an exact moment and that’s it. The only thing is that it only works with the new chats, not with the ones you already have open.

“Existing chats will not be affected, but you can extend your auto-delete settings to any of them from the new menu in Settings > Privacy and security > Auto delete messages“, they explain. This feature is also available in small private groups and can be activated by any member who has permission to change the name and photo of the group.


The Telegram user lives not only on privacy… and thank goodness, although this is another story. However, beyond the aforementioned news, Telegram introduces others of a different type, for example to help control spam in large groups (more than 200 members) with a new aggressive antispam filter which promises to be much more effective than the current one, and even dispense with custom bots for this purpose.

Speaking of groups, another relevant novelty in this regard is that of the Themes 2.0, that is, the evolution of the categories in groups that it released in its previous version and that allows to organize the topics covered in greater depth, in the style of the classic forums. Now it is possible to activate this feature in groups with less than 100 members, there is a two-column mode, you can pin more chats…


Finally, Telegram adds the option to create temporary QR codes to add those users who do not show their phone number and do not have a username, as well as improve storage management, especially on Android, where you can see how much space each chat is using.

For the rest, Telegram improves the emoji search on iOS, adds new personalized emoji packs, these for premium users, slightly revamps the interactive emoji… The current giblets as active maintenance of what already exists.

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