Telegram makes folders shareable, improves chat customization, and more

Telegram has just published a new update and it comes with different improvements in different aspects, starting with the collaboration options, continuing with customization and ending with specific improvements for already existing functions.

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Returning with the release at hand, this new version of Telegram brings little news, but with foundation. The first and most prominent in terms of productivity and collaboration is that of supported chat folders, which is exactly what it sounds like. If you’ve already mastered the aforementioned folder creation, you’ll figure it out. Well, now you can share folders via links with one or all the people you want.

Everything fits in a Telegram folder: individual chats, groups, channels… That is, in a folder you can add as many chats as you want, whatever type they are. And now, you can easily share the entire package to give access to friends, co-workers, collaborators… contacts, in short. The obvious limit is that you can only share public chats or those where you have admin privileges and can add users.


The second notable novelty of this release is being able to use custom wallpapers for each chat, an option that was limited to Telegram Premium users and is now extended to everyone. No more mystery: if you want to distinguish specific chats for whatever reason, you can use “your favorite photos and color combinations” to do so, or any image or theme for that matter.

At the moment, yes, you can only customize individual chats. Later they may extend the option to groups and channels. Option that you will find in the menu of each chat with the unmistakable name of “Change background”.

What else is in this version of Telegram? best bots, specifically with regard to the web applications that you can create with them and that now allow them to be executed in any chat, as well as support collaborative and multiplayer functions for group members. Apart from this, bots can now use “collectible usernames, including links without the -bot suffix”.

Other Telegram news in this version include performance improvements when swiping the attachment menu, more detailed reading time information in topics for users in groups of less than 100 members, and tweaks to different elements of the application’s interface.

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