Telegram makes it easy for you to find shared media

A new version of Telegram has just been launched and honoring the usual ups and downs of what is supposed to be a messaging service, but which actually covers a lot more, this update mainly revolves around the area of… productivity.

Productivity, yes sir, and is that one of the most interesting faces of Telegram focuses on productivity, for example allowing to store all kinds of files in the cloud, shared with others or not, which has its dark side, but also the On the contrary, which is why Telegram is an increasingly appreciated tool in the work environment.

But power without control is worth nothing and that is what the new version of the mobile Telegram is about: «hyper speed scrolling and calendar view for shared media«, They indicate in the official announcement, which translates into the possibility of quickly navigating through the shared multimedia page where the photos, videos, files and music shared with oneself, with another user, with groups, etc. are shown .

The most notable change is in the “media” section, since it is now possible to move almost immediately by dragging the new date bar, in the style of those included in photo managers, as well as using the gesture of the pinch to increase or decrease the zum on the content grid. You can get an idea of ​​how it works with the following image.


In turn, Telegram has implemented a new calendar view to find the contents shared by dates, with previews of the images or videos on the days in which one has been saved. Finally, Telegram allows you to filter the type of shared media so that only photos, videos or both are shown.

Other new features in Telegram include improved control with group invite links, numerous changes to the iOS app, including global chat topics already introduced on Android, comments in media files, updated settings, and more.

In short, Telegram grows in functionality, as is customary with each new update that is released. Although this time they focus on productivity, and not on broadcasting, speaking of which … have you already subscribed to MC’s channel on Telegram or not yet? Go ahead, it’s free and very comfortable!

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