Telegram Premium is now official: price and added functions

Announced a few months ago, and dated for this month, finally Telegram has started to include its new premium user tier functionalitya payment mode with additional features as the instant messaging platform is raising to try to monetize a part of its growing user base.

Some of the new features announced will include premium users send files up to 4 GB and will allow them to faster file downloads, without having specified in this case the improvement offered. In addition, paying customers will also be able to follow up to 1,000 channels, as well as create up 20 chat folders with up to 200 chats in each, in addition to being able to add up to four accounts in a single app and pin up to 10 chats. Some functions that, in short, will duplicate the current capabilities of users.

Additionally, Telegram Premium users will also have the ability to convert voice messages to texts, access exclusive stickers and reactions, and use animated images as profile pictures. More importantly, this subscription will allow a completely ad-free user experience. And it is that although in our country we are already accustomed to having this freedom with the base application, in some markets, sponsored messages are shown in large public channels.

As the application developers themselves have detailed, the arrival of Telegram Premium is not driven by a desire to profitbut it is a measure driven by the search to maintain a development «primarily driven by its users, not by advertisers» while searching «respond to user demand for additional storage/bandwidth«.

Lastly, this announcement is accompanied by the official rates for the subscription service, which arrives in our country with a price of 5.49 euros per month, which can be translated into a total of 65.88 euros per year. So, it’s worth noting that this will be an auto-renewing subscription, so unless we cancel it, we’ll continue to pay for it even if we stop using the app.

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