Telegram: subscriptions to avoid advertising

I’ll start by saying that, by far, Telegram’s ad insert model I find it the least intrusive and more respectful with the context and with the user than I have ever seen. It is true that, at the moment, its deployment is in the beta phase, but if Telegram’s communication policy has us accustomed to something, it is to be tremendously transparent. If they say that something will be done one way, everything indicates that it will really be that way.

And when we talked to you about the debut of this function, we anticipated that something that was being discussed was the possibility of look for a model by which users could avoid seeing advertisements. In this text, you will remember, one of the possibilities that we raised was a subscription model, and now Pavel Durov, founder and CEO of Telegram, has proved us right in a publication in which he puts us on the track of what they are working.

There are two great points of said publication, and both will be of the most interesting for those users (whether they are group members or their administrators) who oppose any advertising insertion in the service. Let us remember that, in its debut, Only groups with more than 1,000 users can show ads, and that according to the company, the income generated by them will be shared by Telegram and by the creators of said groups (although we do not know in what proportion).

In any case, in the first part of the message Durov confirms that users will be able to deactivate the ads, and that are working on a subscription feature for that purpose. In this way, those who choose to make a monthly payment, in addition to financially supporting the platform, will no longer have to see the ads.

At the moment there is no more information: we do not know when the subscriptions will arrive, what will be their price and, furthermore, if we are talking about a “general” subscription to Telegram, which eliminates advertising on all channels or, on the contrary, individual subscriptions to each channel in which we do not want to see advertising. And although it is possible that the option that prevails is the first, Telegram’s commitment that part of the collection goes to the creators of the groups can make us think that they are going to opt for the second.

Telegram: subscription to avoid advertising

This model is, for example, the one used by Twitch. Access to their direct is free (you don’t even have to be registered on the platform), pBut you will see advertising in all those channels in which you are not a subscriber. Now, in this regard, the platform also has Twitch Turbo, a monthly subscription that eliminates advertising from all channels, although it does not provide us with the specific benefits of subscriptions in each of them.

This could be a good model for Telegram, and I mean to adopt both possibilities. In this way, some users could specifically support certain channels, making part of their subscription directed to them, and others could opt for a general subscription, so as not to see advertising on any channel and, at the same time, financially support to the platform.

The second announcement is also very interesting, as it indicates that admins will be able to disable ads on their channels for all users. And this is a control that I have not seen in any other social network or service of this type of the reach that Telegram has. The way in which this blocking possibility will be implemented has yet to be clarified, but its simple approach already seems to me to be something more than remarkable.

Yesterday we talked to you about the new functions that come with the new version of Telegram and, if you are a user of the service, you will already be used to seeing how every so often we find new possibilities in it. This invites us to think that this new subscription model, as well as the possibility of blocking advertising, should not be made to wait too long. Is more, even there are voices that their debut could take place this month, and in any case before the end of 2021. These deadlines seem a bit forced to me, but hey, with Telegram you never know.

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